Monday, February 3, 2014


we begin to  install the "bugs'

talk about .. this water valve problem.being complicated
might have to go  in and out
come back every coupla days

have some guys with me.we're dressed as plumbers or administrative plumbers.badges ..clip boards..making noise ,tapping pipes going hmmm alot while turning clamps
 i get a chance to see Denny..
he's in the basement for a follow up.
about the "water valves'

wrapped in a sheet covered with Flintstones characters
which he wears I suppose as some kind of smock
as he is violently painting what appears to be the american flag
with glitter paint and hot pink gobs of paint.
sometimes he puts the brush down and simply uses a paintball gun to aim green packs of dense paint right at the horrible mess on the easle.
upon seeing the gun I had started to remove my clip
when I see Mrs Pace come down the steps with two mugs of coffee
she whispers in my ear ,"He's autistic,high's best to let him do what he likes.."she hands me a mug
and asks me if i can adjust the shower head in the upstairs bathroom,I look down at my shirt ,remembering my role here,"and tell her that It's outside my jurisdiction to interfere  with matters such as these.."
she whispers again,"i do not much care for these,"she says ,indicating the dripping american flag worked better when he was doing it to other flags.."
"Can you tell me which OTHER flags he was shooting at miss,,"
"well,first there was this Hungarian flag he found at a garage sale,than a flag from Greenland,Mexico...I sell them on Ebay,you'd be suprised what they go for.."
"and what year did this begin..this flag painting..."I ask
"1998 I think,the 4 th time he left the Community college"
Denny Pace turns around ,angry,i see for the first time the Flintstines sheet isnt just a smock but all he is 'wearing" ,sometime during his rant at his mother the sheet becomes undone  and I see alot more of Denny than I intended or wanted"
"I didn't LEAVE the Community College I was KICKED out of The Community College,that I didn't wanna go to .to begin with.."
"Oh Denny" Mrs Pace says covering her son's nakedness with the Flintstones

"can we go upstairs?" Mrs Pace says ,"once Denny gets excitied it could take days before he gets back to himself,even with the Klonapin.."

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