Tuesday, February 18, 2014

thinking like "the enemy"

to think
like a" Mandler"
one most of course
stop thinking of yourself
as a person but as an  organism
much like the Nazi's thought of Jews,the Mentally Ill,Gypsies..and the Handicapped

human experimentation
is much like animal experimentation
in that a Researcher
cannot afford to think of  their subject(a lab rat or a monkey or in this case a human being)
as anything
but a" Project"

if one is part of the Blue Brain project (and there are so many words they use to describe this atrocity)
one must come to realize
that all that matters
to the Team is the  collection,encoding and catagorizing
of neural data

according to sources whom will remain anonymous
 Once a" Proxy" has gotten used to the novelty of hearing and seeing enhancement by Over Ride the Tele-Operator now can get down to the business of   elicited valuable neural data  using the oddball paradigm,*
When recorded by either by bio sensors that have bonded  and become "part of" the parietal lobe which can now signal and transmitted ERP event related potentials
The signal is best  measured  by
implanted(citation needed) nano particles  as the headset,helmet  or hairnet( cannot properly measure the  P300 (P3) wave component elicited in the process of decision making.

The oddball paradigm is a method used in evoked potential evoked research in which trains of stimuli that are usually auditory or visual are used to assess the neural reactions to unpredictable but recognizable events

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