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I reckon I do not care whatsoever what they do to me anymore..they've done enough..a life of threats ..a life as Lab loses  it's novelty pretty damn fast..i have never had the guts to write about this as it really would read stranger than this..more sinister...more would make ya it does all those who have been put through "IT" ...millions of people world wide..have similar stories..many kill themselves or are killed..many just keep going..trying to find ways to get on with spite of it..the preposterous claims that all this is really happening make their claims seem outlandish and downright delusional.

and still one wonders FOR HOW long?everything tends to 'come out" in the end....

Targeted Individuals Europe | AI research is done on ...
AI research is done on people without informed consent (by TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE)


the fact that "the looks thing"
was reversible was not disclosed to new clients
The clients of course were aware that the nano particles could alter one's appearance drastically
but  were not informed that "at a flip of a switch" the cluster of nano could rearrange itself to one's mentor's desires
 not yours 
The cosmetic nano enhancement feature that came with The Package of The Singularity by Dome Cybernetics could be "reformatted" into something hideous if one did not "get with the program"

  Much in the same way that one's intraneural mentor  could turn synthesized 'telepathy" into "synthetic insanity" if one's neural readings were presumed "mutinous",confrontational or simply "too weird"

"Don't fight it
          After all
   you have signed on
          and paid
    to be sculpted  by  bettors
 to Become
and trans-scend your  current state*
 to Be One
with the teachings of Gary Rainy
who you knew despised this contrived sense of "Me"
 back to the path of We*
-------are in this
together Dumbo

are we
Evan? said I was yours .and to trust you and the new way ,that i should consider myself adopted .i did.
and needing reparenting...I did
and mind expansive plasticity..I did
and that the inserts were temporary
and just training wheels.
Are they?

 You know I'm still trying ..I haven't given up on you yet
but have you given up on Me?
cuz I feel you have
because of the writing..but you cause me to write more...
and more harshly
and say I 'm the one whose made my bed
and make it worse by continuing my diatribe against you
who els eam I gonna turn to?
while we try to work it out 
so this is
time stamp ,not a  betrayl 
and no I am not bailing or "being cute" or making a mockery of  what might SEEM to others like  severe punishments
they are not New Way,they don't understand Intraneural Interface or how it can be used to re-align and prioritize
both one's self referencials or what one puts forth into the world
I do
you know it
I can care less if anyone knows what's it been like.
but man
this is a story...that got carried away perhaps
everyone likes a bad guy
you do Evan
isn't that what you see me as.all the time now?
as you know i misunderstand the
threats of physical harmyou say are mainly to test my fight or flight response and reawaken  my primal
and that "the reigns" that alter-
are a gift.
as man's most ingrained primal fear is disfigurement
and dismemberment

and that Gary Rainy
included "psychotronically induced pain points" in his set of rundowns
to further induce the amygdala to regress to primitive states of altered consciousness.
and that the psychotronic pain
is also a gift
from Gary Rainy's bag of tricks
to reach out
like a father ,with a caring kick in the behind , done only with love
a "butterfly kiss"
Do not get me wrong when I write about the New Way
I get it.I respect it,YOU know it's true
fuck what other's think
or think of my "story"
you said previously It was important to you that I do anything I want
including writing about "it"
 so long as every now and than I tossed in some
measure of fairness.
and respect
and lately you feel I am making a joke of IT
it is you making a joke of me
back in LA,
why can't I go back?
what have you told them?
I thought our sessions were private?
I am not writing about my real mentorship
why are you telling THEM i am a Ruiner?
I am not mocking your mentorship or Tru Christie so much as trying to work out my own ...
responsibility  in this
with all respect
and endurance and love,

Transhumanism is a movement that fundamentally transforms the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.British philosopher Max More  articulated the principles of transhumanism  in 1990, and organized  in California an intelligentsia  and following that has since grown into the worldwide  movement.

Francis Fukuyama has called transhumanismas the world's most dangerous idea.,[5] to which Ronald Bailey  countered that it is rather the "movement that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative, and idealistic aspirations of humanity".

The following contains a brief description of some of the patents involved in finding  A New Way of "Thought" and Mind Augment Technology
3951134 – Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brainwaves. Filed August 1974, Granted April 1976. This one is pretty much self-explanatory. It does show the need for the users to attack someone first. It also shows the ability to monitor the entire brain at once.
4158196 – Man – machine interface. Filed April 1977, Granted June 1979. 1st paragraph under background of the invention, in the first sentence, replace the word direct with remote and electrical with electromagnetic. The impulses or action potentials as the patent states that are picked up by electrodes in the trapezius muscles are action potentials or impulses that originate in the brain before traversing the nervous system to the trapezius muscles.
4140997 – Brainwave responsive programmable electronic visual display systems. Filed July 1977, granted February 1979. Makes reference to 3951134, so it can be used with or as a part of. It leaves plenty of room to develop it further than as it is described within the patent when it uses the 1-N bit references for colors, motions or movements, and shapes for the display and for evoked potential correlation. Can be used as a brainwave entrainment device with light.
5230344 – Evoked potential processing system with spectral averaging, adaptive averaging, two-dimensional filters, electrode configuration and method thereof. Filed July 1992, granted July 1993. Shows ways to collect, identify and store in memory various evoked potentials. Done through use of real time correlation of pre-determined stimuli and evoked potential responses. This is a cause – effect type scenario. Pre – determined could be anything from radio and television programs to ‘street theater’. This could also be done with remote neural monitoring and storage of what was monitored then correlating this with say a video camera from work, all that would be needed is an exact time frame of a known occurrence within the video to go from, in either direction, with what was earlier recorded. Can also collect, identify and store evoked potentials from more than one area of the brain simultaneously. Also goes into varying frequencies of stimuli, i.e. brightness or volume. This would/ could account for ‘whisper’ type attacks and vary degrees of clarity and shading in the image attacks. Take into account a much better computer being used.
6397188 – Natural language dialogue system automatically continuing conversation on behalf of a user who does not respond. Filed July 1999, granted May 2002. This one in the context of the psychotronic weaponry, relates to a torture technique and should be applied to evoked potentials also. When used with or within a predictability or probability computer program type scenario it would/could result in the illusion of so-called psychic phenomena. Might also aid in the illusion of time travel. Especially when the pre-determined response time is set to zero or close to it. This one also applies to creating the appearance of schizophrenic and/or ADD type disorders in that if the memory space allotted for the ‘conversation’ was set at a small level thus causing it to jump to a different line of ‘conversation’ when limit reached. Same if time limit for ‘conversation’ was set at a short limit. Could also be adapted to change ‘conversation’ direction (open or go through a different gate) when various words were input.
6615197 – Brain programmer for increasing human information processing capacity. Filed March 2000, granted September 2003. This one pretty much states that auditory, visual or other types of entrainment devices can be used to effect memory and cognition (learning process). Shows that knowledge exists to program memory (human) and some of what can be used to do so. Used as a part of the psychotronic weaponry it would/could create false memory and/or reinforce previously programmed delusions. The claims read like an instruction manual for a brainwashing program. It flat out states that it programs ‘ triggers’ associated with bringing back an implanted memory. This one could easily be adapted to the psychotronic attacks.
6488617 – Method and device for producing a desired brain state. Filed October 2000, granted December 2002. Desired by whom? This one states that entrainment can be done through magnetic fields and pulses. It also refers to ‘other’ means of collecting the EEG, EMG or MRI data and feeding to a computer. The QEEG as mentioned might be a way to aid in the detection of the psychotronic attacks. Paragraph 2 under background of the invention: Kind of ironic that the patent claims to fight against what it was found at least 65 years before (Luxemborg effect) and documented 25 years before (Beck article) that electromagnetic entrainment causes. This patent is basically about mood alteration. * Have encyclopedia entry on TMS that does mention adverse effects. This patent also states that a computer can run the entrainment system.
4085740 – Method for measuring physiological parameters. Filed March 1966 (This may be typo from patent site), granted April 1978. Different frequency and/or power level, this is a microwave weapon.
6102847 – Bio-feedback process and device for affecting the human psyche. Filed June 1998, granted August 2000. Goes into measuring action potentials on surface of skin. Also states that artificial neural networks can learn what pisses someone off or not. The next to last page, page 12, contains a reference to remote activation of medicaments by either a person monitoring the computer or the computer doing it itself.
4834701 – Apparatus for inducing frequency reduction in brain wave. Filed July 1985, granted May 1989. Entrainment device and method using audible sound. Does not go into programming with it as it is a relatively short patent.
5649061 – Device for estimating a mental decision. Filed May 1995, granted July 1997. Assigned to Army. As applied to the remote monitoring, the filtering process mentioned would be how the attackers (human or computer) would/could be able to ascertain the line of sight, visual fixation or even the pupil sizes. This goes back to the action potentials. This patent also goes into extracting single evoked potentials from a field of view, or if you prefer a plurality of evoked potentials. Goes into regression analysis for determination of specific evoked potentials (means using previously monitored and recorded evoked potentials and comparing them to determine what a specific evoked potential translates to). Background of the invention, paragraph 2 omitted use as a ‘trigger’ type mechanism in a torture routine in a computerized or a human controlled torture device.
5392788 – Method and device for interpreting concepts and conceptual thought from
brainwave data and for assisting for diagnosis of brainwave dysfunction. Filed February 1993, granted February 1995. Translates to the people with the psychotronic weaponry being able to use the psychotronic weaponry to attack someone and record the spatial potentials and evoked potentials that are responses to the attacks. Becomes a thought reading machine with enough attacks. This one also corresponds to radio, television or ‘street theater’ being able to be used as a system to present stimuli. Also goes into the vectors used in an artificial neural network for storing data and interpreting thought. States that the EEG and the SP’s and EP’s are the same whether a person is picturing something in their mind or viewing the actual picture. This would be the same when someone thinks (unvoiced speech) as when they hear themselves say it out loud or when someone else says it with variances for tone, pitch and volume. It also says the same EEG’s , SP’s or EP’s occur in someone’s brain whether they read the word dog or see an actual dog as their brain interprets dog the same from either. This one also states that if used in the weaponry, the attackers would know exactly what if any brain dysfunction they would be causing. Goes into a sort of behavior modification when a person doesn’t think what it wants them to.
6536440 – Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex. Filed October 2000, granted March 2003. Pretty much self-explanatory. Again use of sound whether below audible, audible, or above audible frequencies would require close proximity or line of sight. Does show that pretty much anything put into a computer can be used for what is transmitted into the brain by the psychotronic attacks. 5213562 – Method of inducing mental, emotional and physical states of consciousness including specific mental activity in human beings. Filed April 1990, granted May 1993. Basically a brain programmer using audible sound entrainment and someone else’s EEG patterns subliminally with/in the audible sound. Like most of the other patents, it doesn’t go into the ‘other’ frequencies, as if the ones it uses weren’t bad enough anyway. Does go into previous research a little. Gives credit to H.W. Dove for discovering binaural beat phenomena in 1839, basically means he named it as it was already occurring. Also states that what is described in the patent worked better on naïve subjects, which translates into non-consensual human experimentation. 4008714 - Brainwave correlation system and method of delivering a recorded program of material educational in content. Filed February 1976, granted February 1977. Shows that meditative states aid in brain programming. Another example of someone pushing parapsychology to get specimens for their experiments. Correlates EEGs to sound or visual entrainment aids. 5159703 - Silent subliminal presentation system. Filed December 1989, granted October 1992. Brain programmer with or without entrainment. States that it can be used when other sounds are present. Shows how to detect it. Can be stopped by use of earplugs that stop frequencies used from entering ear. Also this would show up on EEGs as evoked potentials even being subliminal. 6565504 - Method and apparatus to create and induce self-created hypnosis. Filed January 2001, granted May 2003. References in background of the invention to the mass produced hypnosis devices can and/or are brainwave entrainment devices with/without script built in subliminally or aloud and also would include the supposed self-help type programming tapes. The comments apply to all brainwave entrainment with or without technological aids. Also note the reference to drug induced hypnotic states, which would be the psychotropic and psychoactive drugs. Also note the term “any other means” when entering data into the computer program. This program queries the user, the psychotronic weaponry would have the queries built into it at its end and would be able to build specific torture routines (scripts) from various effects it receives through the remote neural monitoring process. This would be within the capabilities of most artificial neural networks. There is also a reference to the routines or scripts being delivered back to the user (person under attack in the psychotronic scenario) by “any other means”. 6128527 - Apparatus and method of analyzing electrical brain activity. Filed December 1997, granted October 2000. Fairly self-explanatory. Does mention electromagnetic communication between implanted microelectrode and receiver. Also goes into brain mapping, or if you prefer brain activity mapping. Uses microelectrodes in or on brain as opposed to earlier skin electrodes. Everything listed could also be done with remote neural monitoring. 5788648 - Electroencephalographic apparatus for exploring responses to quantified stimuli. Filed March 1997, granted August 1998. Another example of monitoring specific response to stimulus and correlating them. Does mention ‘other’ types of sensing apparatus and ‘other’ means for applying stimuli. Mentions correlating different responses, using evoked potentials, to different forms of stimuli. Depending on the extent of data stored in the memory system, this would/could be how the attackers see and hear what the person under attack sees and hears. Would also apply to other sensory inputs. Mentions other impressions (brainwave signals in response to) magnetic, electric, temperature, etc. Also mentions real time electromagnetic transmissions of the data and mentions satellites. 6097981 – Electroencephalograph based biofeedback system and method. Filed December 1997, granted August 2000. Not in previous list. States at least one EEG signal is encoded/embedded/modulated onto an infra-red (some infra-red wavelengths fall under the radio frequency wavelength description also) signal and transmitted to a computer. Shows that a computer is quite capable of comparing EEG signals (various potentials included) with previously attained ones. Shows that a computer can manipulate a display for output back to a person (or images used in the psychotronic attacks based on the analysis of the EEG signals). Also goes into using two images, one that the user (person under attack) is supposed to concentrate on and one for distraction purposes. (Good guy – bad guy routine) States that there is a ‘reward’ type scenario for concentrating on the image that the computer (or human controlling the system) wants the user (person under attack) to concentrate on. 5279305 – Electroencephalograph incorporating at least one wireless link. Filed August 1992, granted January 1994. Not on previous list/s. Uses telemetry method for transmitting signals. Uses conventional computer controlled broadcast television tuner. 4926969 – Sensory driven controller. Filed November 1988, granted May 1990. Not on previous list/s. Another version of picking out a specific evoked potential from a group of evoked potentials in response to a plurality of stimuli and using it to control a device. 4495950 – QREEG process matrix synchronizer system. Filed January 1983, granted January 1985. Not on previous list/s. Mentions that it has military applications. Monitors sleep-dream state EEGs, EKGs, etc. Goes along with using artifacts filtered out of EEG and interpreting them or using them to monitor other physiological functions and also all brain functions at one time to determine entire surroundings. 5023783 - Evoked response audiometer for testing sleeping subjects. Filed June 1990, granted June 1991. Shows monitoring capability while sleeping. Says can use sound to cause evoked potentials while someone is sleeping. (Falling asleep with radio or television on is not a good idea). This type of thing could be used early in the attacks to get some evoked responses to use for other attacks.
5370126 – Method and apparatus for 3-dimensional mapping of evoked potentials. Filed March 1993, granted December 1994. Refers to a continuous or ‘movie’ type displaying of the evoked potentials. This particular patent as is, refers more to displaying where in the brain that the evoked potentials start and the paths that they take through the brain. Add in the aforementioned interpretation programs for color, shape, motion, contrast, etc. for visual and tone, pitch, volume, etc. for sound and basically someone would/could see and hear whatever someone they would be attacking with the psychotronic weaponry sees and hears in a movie or continuous display format. Might be able to use this patent in a detection device, or this patent might also add in the misdiagnosis with proof of being attacked.

6466185 – Multi-planar volumetric display system and method of operation using psychological vision cues. Filed August 2001, granted October 2002. Funded by DARPA. Modify what the patent says to use the data stream from the remote neural monitoring as its input data stream. This patent says it does what it does with a 195 MHz processor. Hmm, I think DARPA has some faster ones. Can be used to generate virtual reality or holographic displays from separated and processed EEG stream/s (separating various potentials and ‘noise’ and interpreting them). Basically the psychological cues that the patent makes reference to in order to generate the displays, would approximate what the Brain programmable display system does with evoked potentials to create a display.

5840040 – Encephalolexianzlizer. Filed December 1992, granted November 1998. Funded by the Dept. of Energy for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. States that by monitoring the brainwaves they can tell if someone is moving or if thinking of moving, or if someone not moving or nor thinking of moving. Says uses the frequency power spectrum of brainwaves which could be detected remotely with the psychotronic weaponry also. If this were used as a part of the psychotronic attacks, it would/could cause fear, stress and/or the illusion of psychic abilities (which do not exist), time travel (impossible), etc. Would/could also add to the paranoia scenario as it would make someone feel as if they were being watched.

6547746 – Method and apparatus for determining thresholds. Filed August 2001, granted April 2003. Pretty much straight forward. It goes into measuring EEG and what can be derived from it for responses to external stimuli like non-visible light, electromagnetic, magnetic, electrical, etc. Gives brief descriptions on a number of other patents. Uses recurrence quantitization analysis. Basically ties anyone remote neural monitoring anyone in with or knowing about and covering up for any other electromagnetic, magnetic or subliminal attacks done on that person.

4289121 – Method for controlling functional state of central nervous system and device for effecting same. Filed September 1979, granted September 1981. Another entrainment device using audible and/or visual methods. Granted to a person in Soviet Union. Shows Soviets researched control through entrainment and ‘biorythms’ in late 1970s also.

6011991 – Communication system and method including brainwave analysis and/or brain activity. Filed December 1998, granted January 2000. Brain to computer link, or brain to computer to brain link when a part of the psychotronic weaponry. States that literally thousands of people’s brainwaves can be monitored and stored in same place. Again take into account speed and available memory of computer being used to do so. In other words, by cross referencing different people’s brainwaves the create the illusion of mind reading.

4736751 – Brainwave source network scanning system and method. Filed December 1986, granted April 1988. Funded by Air Force. Way to monitor brain evoked potentials and evoked magnetic fields. Could easily be used with or as a part of the remote neural monitoring part of the psychotronic weaponry.

4819648 – Non-invasive electromagnetic technique for monitoring time-trends of physiological changes at a particular location in the brain. Filed September 1987, granted April 19889. Funded by the Navy. Uses electromagnetic fields to measure electrical resistivity changes in brain matter and fluid.
3892227 – System for stimulation and recording of neurophysiologic data. Filed March 1973, granted July 1975. First paragraph under background of the invention, first sentence states that using EEGs and stimuli correlated together to collect evoked potential data was done in the 1950s. The patent is for remote gathering of EEG data in response to stimuli and sending said data to a central facility for processing by a computer. It uses a lot of the same procedures listed in later patents for gathering evoked potential data. Leave out the magnetic tape and put in electromagnetic transmissions and add the remote neural monitoring and it is an early brain to computer to brain device using specific evoked potentials and other brainwave data (artifacts). It also suggests that someone could be attacked locally and the data transmitted back to a central facility until enough information was gathered to attack them from the central facility. Or even that the attacks could be done locally with a central facility controlling them (this would require a slight additional time frame for the receiving and retransmitting of the brainwave data). This patent also lists a paper on a study done in Japan that was written in 1968 about this type of experiment (the experiment as mentioned in the patent). It also says that these type of experiments were performed on infants. And also that a lot of this experimentation was done in so-called Third World countries and that the findings of the experiment was made available to interested organizations.

3886314 – No hands voice instruction for EEG telemetering system. Filed September 1973, granted May 1975. States that the EEG data from 8 (or as many as used) different electrodes could be modulated separately onto different carrier waves and sent through a phone line to be recombined (or even left as is) in a computer for analysis. Another form of remote neural monitoring. Also refers to inverting and non-inverting signals nullifying each other.

3117571 – Production of reversible changes in living tissue by ultrasound. Filed February 1957, granted January 1964. States that to use ultrasound, the bone in the way needs to be removed. This patent would not work for the psychotronic effects, unless the ultrasound was modulated in some way and used on someone before their skull had hardened or become fully formed (grew together). Or during a process where the skull had already been removed. Does say that irreversible changes can be accomplished with the devices and methods as listed in this patent. Mentions that ultrasound can not be used when a space containing gas (air or other) is in its path in the way mentioned in the patent. Also says that it can be used to suppress electrical activity in the brain when the above conditions are met.

Couple of definitions.
Ultrasound – Is usually used in reference to sound waves above the threshold of human hearing. Technically it can be used to describe anything traveling faster than the speed of sound waves, but usually is the first.
Hypersonic and Supersonic – Would be the opposite usage, usually in reference to anything faster than the speed of sound waves but can be used to mean above the threshold of human hearing.

The following is about patents all filed by the same person. Titles omitted, but are in patents list.
5995954 – Funded by DARPA. Filed March 1992, granted November 1999. This one is a computer program for a neural network memory.
The rest, 5782874, 5800481, 5935054, 6017302, 6091994, 6238333, and 6506148 all deal with various forms of nervous system manipulation. Basically they deal with subliminal brainwave entrainment. The patents go into pulsative, thermal, electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, and acoustical ways of doing this. The author refers to creating ‘sensory resonances’ by subliminally manipulating the various presentation methods described above and using them on other parts of the body away from the brain. This sends impulses to the brain and entrains it to the frequencies stated in the patents. The patents read like most other entrainment devices or methods. In the patents there are no mentions of any EEGs or other monitoring devices being used. Some of the patents state that they may have uses in the ‘non-lethal’ weapons area. All of the patents tend to stick to the same two frequencies for their effects (at ½ Hz a person would be almost literally brain dead and at 2.4 Hz a person would be little more than comatose). Only one of them mentions any malicious uses, 6506148. The ones that the MPRII guidelines would apply to, state that they can be used for manipulation of someone’s nervous system and still comply with those guidelines. A couple of the patents mention the elapsed time before the mentioned effects occur, this happens with all entrainment devices. The patents are an example of causing some physiological effects through the subliminal entrainment. The frequencies as stated above should be taken into account when reading the list of effects caused by the various forms of the subliminal entrainment. Most of the effects sound like things that happen when someone is close to death.

6577132 - Passive system for the detection and indication of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations and static electricity. Filed November 2001, granted June 2003. May be effective for blocking emissions in the area that would interfere with detecting the psychotronic attacks. Should be adaptable for detection of the entire range of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations. Goes into effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans. Does say it needs to be used in conjunction with a radiation measuring device. Mentions use with a computer to display readings.
6377833 - System and method for computer input of dynamic mental information. Filed September 1999, granted April 2002. This would be a very effective aid in the detection of the psychotronic attacks. Unfortunately, it would also need to be used in conjunction with a system that detects the broadcasts and correlates them what it does, otherwise it would probably be used to misdiagnose someone under attack. This patent also describes what is (or could be) done with the data collected from remote neural monitoring pretty well. The patent specifically states that other forms of brain-scanning devices may be used instead of MRI. The physiological responses mentioned in the patent would be the electrical impulses in the brain that correspond directly to the evoked potentials in an EEG reading. The patent also mentions that it can be used for more than one area of the brain at a time or all at once. The 3d to 2d (d = dimensional) would mean they could view it like a television screen. However this could also be turned right back into 3d for display in a virtual reality type of system or can even use both together as described in other patents on the list.
5512823 - Electromagnetic field detector for detecting electromagnetic field strength in an extremely low frequency band and a very low frequency band. Filed December 1993, granted April 1996. Is a device for determining electromagnetic field strength within certain frequency bands, not for determining exact frequency. Might work as part of an overall system to detect the psychotronic attacks. If nothing else it would help to point out things that would interfere with detection of the psychotronic attacks. Narrowing the bands as described or adding additional bands to the ones listed, say .001 Hz to 12 Hz for example, and a dial to dial in the specific frequencies and lowering the flux density levels measured to say femtoteslas or adding this as a separate option may aid in the detection of psychotronic attacks. Use of a computer to scan the frequencies and store the readings in memory or display and/or print out with an appropriate filtering device to remove the fields generated by the computer and other electronic devices, which could already be measured with the device, would also help. Use of a second computer measuring and correlating the above with an EEG reading of the person under attack would be of use also. The patent basically describes a smoke detector or smaller sized device for detecting said electromagnetic field strength, which should in my opinion be just as mandatory (voluntarily or not) in multiple family dwellings as a smoke detector for safety concerns as also mentioned in the patent.

4591788 - Magnetic field sensing device. Filed September 1982, granted May 1986. Says it is capable of detecting magnetic fields in the .001 Hz to 6 Hz frequency range. Basically just detects that the magnetic field is there and sounds like something from a Junior High or High School general science class demonstration.

4752730 - Radiation monitor diode detector with constant efficiency for both CW and pulsed signals. Filed October 1985, granted June 1988. Funded by Dept. of Navy. A device and/or method to make radio frequency detection apparatuses more reliable for detection of pulsed and/or variable continuous electromagnetic waves. Coupled with the modified version (or version as stated) in patent 5512823 should be able to detect field strength of said pulsed or variable continuous waves and the frequency of them.

5627521 - Personal microwave and radio frequency detector. Filed March 1994, granted May 1997. Assigned to U.S.A. represented by Sec. of Navy. Hearing aid modified to detect microwave and radio frequencies. States that the frequency range can be adjusted from what is used as an example in the patent. Also states that it uses a pre-determined threshold for intensity, but does not mention what level, and says that that would also be adjustable. Refers to “input modulated signals”. Does say that it detects the pulsed repetition rate of microwave signals. Also says it can detect radar signals at great distances. Modified with or used with some of the other patents, might be effective for detecting psychotronic attacks.

5394164 - Human equivalent antenna for electromagnetic fields. Filed July 1992, granted February 1995. Would depend on how sensitive it could be made and extent of frequency range it could be modified to detect as to whether or not it would be useful in detecting psychotronic attacks. Also whether or not it could be hooked up to a computer for comparisons of readings.

5204613 - RF power sensor having improved linearity over greater dynamic range. Filed May 1991, granted April 1993. Again, coupled with a computer that could scan the frequencies and store the readings in memory and modified to detect the pulsed or variable continuous waves might be useful in detection of the psychotronic attacks. The patent says that the device can be built with a variety of different parts. Also says that it can be modified with more detector diodes in series which should increase both sensitivity and accuracy.

4198596 - Device for direct and continuous receiving and measuring of electrical,
magnetic, and acoustic signals. Filed October 1977, granted April 1980. Assigned to Societe Nationale Elf Aquitaine (production) in France. Device for scanning low frequencies (says between 10 Hz and 250 KHz) of electromagnetic waves either natural or artificial. Says a “direct and continuous receiving and measuring device”. Does show that scanning for said low frequencies was done in the 1970s.

6411104 - Apparatus and method for detecting electromagnetic wave source, and method for analyzing the same. Filed April 2000, granted June 2002. Device for detecting an electromagnetic wave, measuring its intensity and using a triangulation method for determining where said electromagnetic wave is emanating from. Larger scale for psychotronic attacks maybe. As is would be useful for detecting attacks on electronic equipment in home or office by electromagnetic weaponry.

5666105 - Personal radiation hazard meter. Filed March 1996, granted September 1997. Detects electromagnetic radiation intensity levels. Does detect .01 milliwatts per centimeter squared level. May be useful as part of detection system.

5458142 - Device for monitoring a magnetic field emanating from an organism. Filed March 1993, granted October 1995. References the 3951134 patent for remote monitoring. Device that may aid in detecting the so-called retransmission in that patent. Goes into ‘aura’ and ‘therapeutic touch’ type BS, but the sensing device and filtering means may be useful in detecting the psychotronic attacks. The patent also mentions using electromagnetic radiation to effect (attack) someone. Again notice the absence of EEG or other monitoring equipment. If used with said EEG and appropriate computer programs (mentioned in other patents) could be used as a psychotronic weapon with evoked potentials.

5256968 - Portable dual band electromagnetic field radiation measurement apparatus. Filed April 1991, granted October 1993. Device measures intensity levels of all frequencies contained in a complex electromagnetic field including pulsed fields. States that it measures Elf 1 – 1000 Hz and Vlf 10 – 500 KHz ranges. Adapted for the decimal place frequency measurements (.001, 6.26, etc) might aid in isolation of psychotronic frequencies.

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