Tuesday, February 18, 2014

tigerblood paypack playback

I believe.               EVAN and  MY TEAM are. Laying groundwork for a dive ..I hear the opening chords and  notes of 
 psychotic  psychotronic symphony

being introduced into the interface

I fear
my resistance to
being "driven"
has cemented my fate
or was this too rigged...?

I am possibly
 to be the example
of what happens to a

tigerblood paypack playback

(ya get the picture ,yes we see...)
who talks about it
writes about it
without metaphor..as if you have not noticed I did not set
the "story" 20 years from now
nor present
co-consciousness as being the unfortunate  effect of Vampires, demonic possession  or space aliens

I imagine another ...a hospital ization ..
a force feed of neuroleptics..

something to
rekindle alibi
EVAN says HE loves it...
Not only would you tell the Dr.
"d-d-d-d-octor I see and hear things..."
THIS time you'll probably talk about your delusions of being a Human Experiment

there is no way out
and no way in
until some fucking scandal erupts that involves a running scroll on the bottom of CNN

Nano Chips found in Mayor's crack pipe
or something to that effect

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