Tuesday, February 4, 2014


while Gregor and Jill deleted or re- incremented Denny's  neural reads and filled in "blanks of time" with trivial"Imparts'

Gregor,curious to find data that might work as "filler" for 50 minutes of un accounted for cerebral transmission
 found documents...
that confused him..
documents that implied.
that  specified
 that Denny had not" just recently" been "apped" for being "deviant " or 'a perceived threat to National Continuity"
but had been laced with nano and biosensors
when he was not even 5 years old.

and far
 from Gregor and Jill being the first to
"modulate" Denny's moods and mindset
over 15  dozen sets of Tele-Operators had been tinkering with Denny's mind over the years
to make it
(denny's mind)

Mrs Pace saw her son
 face down in a pool of blood
he had slit his own neck with a straight razor.

she knew why he had done it
she hoped now the guilt might end.

she was glad Denny was at piece.
she herself had written some of the more glaring articles..".two shakes of a plane's tale for instance" to get THEM to "pump up the volume ..." get him out of his misery-already

misery she herself had created when she took him for help.
or took him for something
quite simply she
him anymore

the tantrums and screaming and endless repetitive ball bouncing and shoulder shrugging became to much
the freezing up of his entire body
when she tried to touch him..

she had seen an ad in the local supermarket about new forms of treatment for autism
all she had to do was bring Denny to a clinic
instead of drugs (which they had tried.and tried) they were doing something new.
they said they could recalibrate Denny's mind

the voices he heard and visions he saw
that she claimed she did not believe,right to his face
she knew
 were technological and not an organic thought disorder.
for she had
asked them to
"do it"
just do something
do anything.

they said they could recalibrate Denny's mind
by placing small particles that would travel up his blood stream and link with neurons and synapses that were causing the problem
and learn how to turn certain parts of his malfunctioning mind off and on..
to adjust both Denny's outbursts and" inbursts "
that's what Mrs Pace called them
.when Denny was so INside himself
that nobody could get to him...

the medical group  was called Neural Prosthetic Proxy-ed Assistant
the nano particles that could turned on and off
specific neural networks
could also be used to decipher thought patterns which with Impart  Hearing and Seeing Techniques help Denny  un learn his self destructive patterns of thought by
a Brain Computer Interfaces
  with technicians who specialized in Mind Augment

Denny never knew the components were in him
he was only 5 years old.
when they were injected into his arm

when he was 7 he began saying he was hearing voices
and said  voices were driving him crazy..
and Mrs Pace could see that this was so
Mrs pace was told that because this new technology was so ahead of it's time .
(and we don't want Denny to feel like a freak)
she was to forget about it..
Denny would be fine...and this new style of assited thinking would soon become mainstream
seeing Denny screaming holding his hands to his ears ...
Mrs pace rushed to the
Neural Prosthetic Clinic  which was now a vacant lot

but this vacancy did not mean that the transmissions stopped
as years went by
Denny spoke of shift changes..and Mandelrs..and Tele-Operators who despised him and came in extra hours to make him pay for being human Vermin
some Voices ,Denny claimed
were kinder than others..
he spoke of this at school.
the Mandlers..
the voices and Visions
 and was sent to a special program and than to various mental facilities until he reached 18...
and that's when Mrs Pace told her son
what she had done...

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