Sunday, February 16, 2014


Evan says
It's everybody.s dream to have an imaginary friend
But I am destroying it
ii telepathize,
if there is anything on the face of the earth that needs destroying it
isTele-presense by Proxy

he graphs a small dinasaur
in dark green
and asks me to visualize a dinosaur in light green close in size
grumpily i do

he says let's do some playing
forget your age
and lets
see if we can
bring these two dinosaurs together
like a fight
like we're in a playground or sandbox

.just for a minute
let's see if we can do this

i visualize a toy  red dinosaur
near a coffee mug
the desk,the mug are where we mutually agree to place
"the ac tion of both mu MIND'sEYE visualization
and his Occipital Overlay
we've never done this before.
if someone could see as i do
they'd see both his  green dinosaur and my red dinosaur
the point isnt about
but group think
only with visualization

so that my projections will commingle with his
and his with mine

now ,evan says if 
we didnt make the chips so tiny
you'd have had to put on a headser,some googles...and all that 
we couldnt just play dinosaurs
without putting all-those contraptions on
dumbo you won't even wear a hat out when it's 2 below zerp
              for only less than 20 seconds can i keep the image going

and evan says i win " as usual..

is this really as far as you've  all come with immersive reality Dumbo evan interfaces
this is as far as you've come

you need to practice
you need to stop writing

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