Friday, February 21, 2014

($)ender's game/Source code

i should be terrified
giving away EVAN's
but than again
he gives away and outsource my remote neural reads
to any matter of industry

and the warning that I knock it off

or else
only prod me to keep posting..
not the other way around..

as my posting is evidence
 and explanation

for when I go the way
of "missing"

 the "party line"

is that
hands on torture

 is a wee bit more intrusive than this Hands off methodology
               this amazing chance
to help with the exploratory benefits of intracranial biosensing mentorship
(which I now refer to as human traffic)
but EVAN perhaps more optimistic
as he is only wearing a bio studded headsey
which he can switch on or off

how many people would be thrilled to be in your shoes and helping to
lay down tracks
to a New World which will over lay NOT over ride
this one..

he sends me an image of a man in a rocket...all alone
"this man, all alone in this rocket"
you see would go mad
this "synthetic madness"
this "imaginary friend...
who must also play fiend

 to keep his amygdala engaged.
is the only thing 
that can keep his sprockets going.Dystonia is what can keep his muscles from receding...
from atrophy
there is a REASON for everything...

DO YOU UNDERSTAND why we do to you what we do

you're not supposed to! understand?Do ya' Dumbo?

and for a moment
there is silence
in his mind

and my own


 The design of the novel miniaturized antenna addresses some of the challenges in the current capsule diagnostic systems namely potential capsule miniaturization, wireless link robustness for efficient medical data transfer. The implementation of nano-biosensors can help in sensing of clinically relevant molecular-level biomarkers in vivo which a big improvement over current capsule systems. Initial antenna and nano-biosensor designs will be discussed followed by a brief technology outlook.-Rajagopalan, H. ; Electr. Eng. Dept., Univ. of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA, USA ; Shin, K.-S. ; Kina, J. ; Chui, C.O.

Published in:

Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP), 2012 6th European Conference 

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