Sunday, February 16, 2014

off grid merry prankster types in LA

i remind myself
that they are only
what they call thresholds
of autonomous action tests to determine how much
direct neural interface
is capable of...

that all this chatter about some guy named Rand
and me getting on a greyhound bus by wednesday
is just to acquire some expotentials and
some indicatives based on synaptic elocution

and perhaps it was unfair of me
to become worried enuf to send rand a heads up

it reminds me of the time i sent all sorts of letter to
the CIA ,homeland security and the justice dept
being "tagged"
"apped" by
merry prankster types in LA

none of whom ever got back to me

i simply supposed my letters were placed in the tin foil hat pile
this was way way back before i knew about Targeted Individuals and gang Stalking  or direct energy weapons and such
before i knew
jack about....electronic neuro weaponry and hand's off
mind augmentation
nor mind excavation fMRI brain scanning techniques for Interrogation
and or crowd control using the electromagnetic spectrum
back when i was truly dumbo enough to think
it was all just
mental illness TALKING

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