Thursday, February 20, 2014

1983(Introduction to The New Way)2

at this point in the seminar

Rainy left the stage..
he did not excuse himself,say where he was going...or make a point of verbally or non verbally indicating  that he needed to get  something or
do something .off stage.
nor did he say "I will be right back"

for 3 or 4 minutes he simply watched the audience..who knew that there were 5 more hours until the scheduled break

he listened to the sound of the audience change
confusion to anger and back again..

{after 5 minutes or so Gary Rainy
returned to the stage}

to the sounds of collective relief

I will tell you why...
        you didn't know what was going on
          you did not know what TO DO...
you needed direction

now does this make you "sheeple"?
   or automatons
  or Cult members

or did you simply need and want
someone to say-
do that
and does needing this information
 make you puppets
or does
it makes you human
    • lead·er
    • [ ldər ]
    1. somebody whom people follow: somebody who guides or directs others
    2. somebody or something in lead: somebody or something in front of all others, e.g. in a race or procession
    3. somebody in charge of others: the head of a nation, political party, legislative body, or military unit

it makes you smart
you came to this seminar
to me
to be mentored and advised

to let go of that 'I.I.I.Me,Me,Me"voice in your head makes you open minded to new imput..


when you see an NBA or NFL player on the field
do you ever think to yourself
I KNOW BETTER than them how to Play

or when you see me
who has literally  sailed the 7 seas ,,and visited monks,shaman and have read and seasoned myself in all matter of conscious calibration

does it diminish you
or heighten you
to say that
Gary Rainy Knows more than me
and want to be like Gary rainy
if he will Let me
is he will teach me

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