Friday, February 14, 2014

there were 51 proton microscopes in the USA
but ..first Layla and Chad would have to
remove denny's head...and find someone take brain sample slices.

'it 's a bit much,'chad says
'it's for denny

       'this                '
EVAN reverberates
through my auditory nerve ..making my hand slap the keyboard,
         'IS a BIT too much..

if we have to spend another fuckin day hearing you write
the equivalent of a fuckin Monk episode
about shit you're not even supposed to think about Dumbo...            

i interface that a Monk episode would not have toe sucking
anywhere in the equation...
i feel i sharp pain on /in my left arm...
and EVAN brings the aural over-ride down a notch
"we understand that
we've put a lot on your plate"

he interfaces

"a lot on my pate    ' i graph back..

" you're crossing a LINE ya understand..or do we gotta run you over again..
cuz we can probably do this
a lot easier with you in wheelchair
 perhaps missin' a few limbs ,my boy...
and this
"now we gotta remove Denny's head..story line is
giving us some
hmm i graph back

'uh-hmmm ,       'he replies

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