Friday, February 14, 2014

 to:Dr Perason
 from :J.*****

SUBJECT_Adding a simple thought recognition control system is pretty trivial," Dr Pearson says.
"If they were taking a thought from one person and directly creating a thought in another then I'd be impressed."

(AuNRs Cross BBB)

 wanting to impress Dr P
I break rank
and explain that he hasn't heard about Human Guinie pigs and Patent Laws
the BBB(blood brain barrier) or the  AuNRs (new nano particles that can safely cross the BBB)

I begin a series of e-mails,texts and personal letters.
some of the situations I and other "subjects" of the in The VYEWON TESTS
have been doing these back and forth
back and forth
for several years now as Private Sector Applications
in Marketing wanted a Head Start without anyone dragging in things like the 4th Amendment
as many of the Subjects chosen
all subject ,really were misinformed
or "picked up,apped upwith either subdermals or potables...or injection..

RE;August 2011

Colleage, Jonathan Wolpaw, a researcher at the New York State Health Department’s Wadsworth Center, believes that topical electrodes are enough to create brain computer interfaces that are just as responsive as Schwartz’s in-brain electrode systems, without the unappealing thought of removing a dime-sized chunk of a patient’s skull

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