Thursday, February 13, 2014

THIS! is PsychoTRonics !( Voulme 3)

what exactly inspired you to do this painting
the one entitled "abugraib saturday night"

a mentor interfaced.
long ago

at the start

although the question was presented
in a "i love your work

"it was very visual.very very disturbing..what WE were these people."

"we?"The Voice said.

"them" I think to the sound,the voice,,how could i have possibly known...that it was a VOICE other than my own..."loop"

"They " I think,sort of enjoying this seemingly over night new thinking style...don't we all wish for a muse? an angel?A companion?A split of self
a shift of self.
as don't we
all get bored
by our own inner monologue..? perhaps i thought .with a new sense that
"the angels had listened in"
something magical
had happened.

"They were under an wful lot of stress.people do awfully crazy things when they are under"the gun"
you will see..."EVAN graphed

I will see what? I thought,suddenly afraid...when
i hear the sound of an actor
I had a "thing" for's voice

"it's all good.
it's all a gift you
know............." **** says

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