Sunday, February 16, 2014

it's tv ,books and film that made you think this is wrong

the  implanted devices — rather than external, cranial-mounted instrument —are the downside of Brain Mapping Technologies only because popular culture has presented the insert as somehow being ungodly ,unwholesome and unjustifiable ..but how the fuck else are we gonna learn exactly  how the human brain encodes perception and experience..huh?What's so damn precious about your thoughts..unless you're hiding something..and if you're hiding thoughts..than naturally we're inclined to believe you have reason to're making a simple dental check up into a root friend..
.Thoughts,memories and emotion are only pulses between specific neural networks's not as if we're listening to your every thought on the edge of our seats man .You think you're the only one're as expendable as a lab's about   "Universal Correlation  and comparison..pure math kiddo..when enough individual neural "reads" are collected and studied you can have all the privacy you want..But if you keep fiddling around..playing "Mind Games" the longer this will take..if you want to serve a purpose perhaps you should inform your fellow Targeted  Individuals to "get With the Program"live their lives instead of the lot of you deciding
to become  Super Sleuths and Profits  of Warning about this Weird Now World
you've all dreamt up based NOT on innocuous science but a load of crappy movies,books and fucking TV shows..



A Mentor I am unfamilar with  graphs,with a mind to mind wordless impart ' that my liabilities are out weighing my usefulness as a subject.-

I gulp..and "The Voice "responds that I'd better  remember that gulp....
cause it's this close kiddo.Get it?"

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