Friday, February 14, 2014

that occipital interface has implications I wouldn't want to be you dumbo

EVAN sends me a giant heart being it's valentine's day
it''s an occipital over-ride.
in spite of my spite being basically a TV set for these people
I attempt to slow down my thoughts and send him a heart
you sent me an asian pear
EVAN interfaces
and to US
do you now know what an Asian Pear represents?
no I graph back...disappointed i couldn't send the image i wanted..although i could swear i had MIND's EYEd a pinkish Heart not an Asian Pear...
as usual these thoughts.
these "lies' according to THEM
are ignored
if they say I graphed an Asian Pear
than I did
"thanks to you Asian Pear means you think like Dimintri.the terrorist who did that shit to the whole foods..
making you what ?
a terrorist sympathizer..

"what you talkin about EVAN.."

"just be careful about what fruits you deliver you fruitcake...

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