Saturday, February 22, 2014

the unbelievability of a Hive Mind served the cause well

there was a way
many costs and permit  requirements of a public Meeting or rally

although it was not illegal for radical pontificates
to espouse
"concern" for
"the Way things are

 and must not be"

awareness was in fact
 the antithesis
a Tru Christie's collective
TruGenics was about Keeping THEM out
not IN

and although TruGenics was in fact a Movement
and a Cause
there was no church
no annex
no "spot"
for like minded thinkers
to convene

the spot
the space
that Tru Chrisite wanted to occupy
in the mind
 and in the heart and spirit
of those
who were
honest enough and brave enough
to not just state
that not only were "some people  better than Others
by design
The One's who were not were dangerous

and because of this
it was necessary for the "revival of The fittest" as Tru Chrisite once remarked
to keep eyes wide open
and ears well attuned
to diagnose and categorize those NOT
graced with physiological and  physical "robust-ness"
but demand these Other's be

and because of this
for the better good of society
should be
separated from
The Herd

"we have been tainted too long by this demographic
we have carried them and all but impelled them to believe
they that with a little spit and polish or education

the new science of the brain scan
has made it
ONce and For All Time
that this simply is not the case

a brain scam
a neural read
cannot lie


thanks to
several new laws based on the
Neural Data
that all that exists
in the minds of "those born without"use
spend a good deal of their time
consciously or unconsciously doing all they can
to bring the
the fitness of Mankind
down down
to their level

  not only are some "types"   a burden on society
but in these  types
as Gary Rainy ONCE said
this type is a contagion

this type is a virtual transmitter
whose sole aim is to
spread their disease of Less Than
into the air,into the arts into the classrooms ,into the legislation
with  malevolent  envy
science -ideology based finding
have proven
this TYPE
 causes a
measurable  magnetic  change in the atmosphere
and the

The Human Ideal
so close and so far from
their sub- superior point of view

was not yet
"trendy" enough
be as  transparent
as Tru Christie wanted it to be..The times were in a sort of suspended animation
and thus
stuck on and stuck to
 a perverted system
that somehow  did not
allow the most common observation 

that some among us
simply better specimens of manhood and woman hood
than others

for now
truGenics was a concept
 best kept concealed

who would serve as champions and change makers
when  the time came
to bring concept  to

and to keep the
concept concealed
TRu Christie
set up a pipeline
of sorts
by employing
a way of spreading the Gospel
with out
bugles or pulpits
a" silent sound" insurgence
done with "apps"and biosensors
 that would foster
an exclusive ,inclusive  collective mindset
that was necessary
to build a  New political and psycho social dynamic
nowhere to found in these times
of "soft feelings " and Christian charity

,"Tru Christie  often said the 'chipping" that stimulated  silent brother and sister hood
 was not a way of hiding behind any  technological apron strings

the "apps".that gave constituents
aural and visual over-rides
via Brain Computer Interface
simply unified
the "message of TruGenic Entitlement
based upon one's genetic inhertance

word of mouth
or a slip of the tongue (sometimes deliberately, some times not)
newcomers .
new believers
into the fold.
by Proxy
and so the movement grew
as if organically

one by one
the audience for the "seminar"
walked up
to the dais
to receive
Tru Communion
 with a Power Greater than Themselves
but the  wine
and wafer they received
had no symbolic meaning

aside from
Commitment to One ideal 
One Idea
one insight
 that upon eating and drinking
the spiked refreshments would enable
the "christened"
to Interface
and Learn
the TruGenic Code of Conduct
and construct
bond was proven
as the believers knew
the wine and wafer contained
millions of tiny
biosensors and
nano particles that
would enable
a oneness wholeness and purposeful-ness
thus far impossible

dosed in such a manner
there would be no need
hold public meetings
that might
jeopardize the
new politic
that was ahead of it's time

undetectable and unseeable
and as yet unbelievable

the unbelievability of the Hive Mind
served the cause well

there was no reason to hide anything

the technology
was an urban myth
or something decades away

and any dissident who may have
had the gall to turn against the Movement

would be believed by no one

the discreteness of nano conductivity
all but did away with the necessity of
public meetings
that were bound to be misinterpreted by the masses


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