Thursday, February 13, 2014

evan says
i gotta relax....
that sometimes they push too hard.
but i'm a pretty resistant 'the take over"

and that there will be just enough of me left by the end
of my Mentorship
that I should be able to function
our goal isn't to make you a puppet so much a s
make you a little less
or pointed.

from now on they will consider
structuring some of the rundowns..
so i won't
 bag the entire experience
 as  negative
"I'd like you to think of me ..well

you know in that book that dr suess book where the dumb kid let's
"the Cat in the Hat" in his house
and that whacked cat goes all wikki whack on his ass?smashing up the house.teachin his sister to be a good time gal..showing the boy that material things don't matter ..and all material things are good for is breaking them to make a good sound..."

that's how we need you think of us tinkering with your bio your mind your house ..but you're cool see.and you leave the door open ..cause you like to party with your boys..yeah things get outta hand sometimes but your remember how the book the books end each time you read it?The house is always repaired.everyone's high....and trippin on DMT and serotonin..and the boy met  the smartest guys in the room

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