Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Synthetic telepathy is communication systems built on thoughts, not speech. It takes years of learning and program development to develop the new computer-brain interfaces and multimedia language between man and computer. Subjects are chosen (drugged,threatened kidnapped and coerced) *and than forced to learn "The New Way" as if a "Cult" has "saved them"  from themselves , the subject,literally imbued with nano particles(biosensors) has no choice but to learn,listen and see and interface back and forth 24 hours a day..sharing every waking ,sleeping ,biological,psychological,physiological with their "Mentors:.the gist is that one LEARNS how to DO IT  ...or perish trying.Some call The scientists with carte blanche to "practice" mind to mind communication and Artificial Intel ...geniuses of "The Coming "Singulairty.(where man and machine"meet")..some call these research and developers who gather the R&D quite literally off the back's and mind's of Human Guinie Pigs -Transhumanists

  Neurological research has progressed so far another man can "commandeer" another man(or woman)'s  neural and nervous  system wirelessly..A Controller or  a computer can communicate with your brain in a manner tha completely entrains  it.

* a senond program of intimidation is added to the "participants' daily life  to up the ante of the subject keeping quient about being used and controlled and torured in their way..Often what is refered to as "Organized Stalking ,Organzied  Stmuili"is used to provoke the subject's decomposition .The explanation of tactics used to cue a subject are also designed to discredit the subject if he or she attempts to explaoin the "system" of "the act"
The computer and system can also store all your sensory experiences and use them according to their needs . The user’s visual cortex can  also receive stimulation from a computer  or Tele-Operator and "see"  with occipital overlay enhancement-Anders Sandberg. Oxford U.K

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