Monday, February 3, 2014

Field Effect Transistor

The "sensing element" of a Field Effect Transistor (FET) nanobiosensor is the semiconductor channel (nanowire) of the transistor. 

"i never believed in this autism shit... this hey!, I can say and do anything I want! I'm a nutjob!Hoooray for me!..Gregor said to Jill," and you hear the way he talks to his mother,I  tell ya I talked to my mother like that,I'd have been tossed across the room,developmental disabilities...yeah in my day we just called them weirdos" Gregor said,although he couldn't tell  if Jill heard him ,as she too was "on headset" trying to gather a baseline read on Denny Pace's brain waves.

Gregor and Jill usually worked together.nothing freaked a Target out more than hearing a woman's voice in their head,but it was early yet.

the game had not even begun.

.for now it was about listening.

This sick pup has  no idea that his house is bugged with cameras and mics..and certainly has no idea that his iced coffee he had bought at the dunkin donuts two weeks ago was spiked to the froth with nearly half a million biosensors...Gregor had poured the coffee himself..showing the manger "the badge" he donned a Dunkin shirt knowing "the werido"s routine...of course weirdo,being weirdo didn't  bother making  eye contact or saying thank you as if Gregor was "the help"

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