Friday, February 14, 2014

"The Changeling"

the house was a mess since Denny died.
Layla had begun drinking heavy
she'd call ...and than conk out halfway into the conversation
the calls were always the same
about these absurb notebook's
my nephew had kept
about chips being in his mind.nano particles not chips Layla would always correct me...angry
my assumption of course was that Denny's delusions had become her own
but than she told me

it was the night she asked me over for dinner
we went to the couch .
to watch tv..
"The Changeling "was on ,we watched for a little bit..
I told her they should make some kind of drinking game for this movie
someone has to drink a shot
everytime Jolie says ,"where is my son"
or 'you are not my son" or find my son"
the ashtray hit my temple before I realized what i said

after the iodine
and a trip to the ER for stiches

we returned to the couch ,no TV this time

"There were things in Denny's brain..some Group ,some  company was doing try to what they called "augment" Denny's autism..than the company,the clinic just vanished..but the tests remote.."

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