Wednesday, February 5, 2014

forced intracranial interface with previously recorded
 disks that
The Neuronauts recorded of Gary Rainy's lectures

yes..besides the mountains of video and cassette tapes and dvd ,cd etc
if one can afford them
or has been deemed to be
for whatever reason or crime
by them
tapes and recordings mind you of Gary Rainy's ACTUAL Mind

 YOU dear reader
tell ME if you would mind this very much
because I presume you are unfamiliar with Brain Computer Interface or Artifical Intel Techniques
imagine i got a set of head phones and glued them permanently to your head and ears(don't even ASK about the eye wouldn't believe me...)
and i state yes yes yes YOu would mind this as much as I

tapes ,data disks of Gary rainy,great man that he was ,,I will not nor never dimiss GR as anything but a Later Day Saint.of some kind..
tapes of Gary Rainy's neural reads.
his thoughts and emotions as well
downloaded directly interfaced into your mind
some call this deep learning..or pack thinking
like getting an entire season of  "are you being served " directly into your noggin
all at once

oh how i wish for the days when this
my mind was just a testing ground for things such as "packed"learning..
why they could not teach me spanish or how to fix  light circuits or anything that might be of use i don't know.

it's no secret that Neuronauts wanted ins with tvland.and Hollywood.
to spread the word of Rainy-ism
as if the entire medium could become
a 24 Hours of Power..tent show ...purporting only Neuronautic themes in mini series and music nothing but The New Way mattered not should NOR would (when we are done and we have only just started,Gary would say...but
that was before the FCC or whatever 3 letter capital letter abbreviations said whoa mista can't be putting referentials and exponential associations based on pupil dilation methodologies as well as " the SEE Meter" he helped develop that could read not only one's thoughts but pre neural intentions as well..via "brain map" of pre synaptic firings
and such..
GR and Valerie Prentiss had all but been sent out of the Babylon of Hollywood product producing .after the" Safely in Umbers" fiasco in the  mid 1970;s
 it was discovered that Parasol Picutres
had constructed  movies not only to teach the "way" of Neuronautics but also erected  complicated mathematical point by point..frame by frame
audience augment measures based upon
neural linguistics,
and automatic response based upon  frontal lobe and sub coretex  bio and electrical trigger points
in some cases
the soundtrack and deliberate pulsing frequencies and pitch and tones based on 1938 "mind sweeping "
strobe techniques somehow "gifted" to Rainy by a man who held documents  of benefit  of certain "tests" the Germans were 'doing" with television on war prisoners
and other enemies of state

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