Monday, February 3, 2014


Jim Bloom
2 minutes ago via YouTube

  •  (2002)  I read over" 2 shakes of a lamb's tale"..the guy writes what are called ZINES..he draw little pictures in These ZINES and rates albums 

    • .i am told to watch Denny Pace's comings and goings for the next 2 weeks."You mean i have to sit in a god damn van for this twit" i say.My boss looks at me without his usual levity ,as if I were a Denny Pace type myself..I say no more .
    • I watch
  •  I read the documents that come attached with the "ranter"
  • i get his numbers.his drs.files.his criminal and mental health files.

  • Denny Pace
  • sometimes called simply Den
  • a Den is place people or animals hide in (is written on a post it..a CELL is a place people hide in too!..,)Denny "Den: Pace is 26,a kid  who lives with his mother 
  • in addition to this ZINE he  has a web page filled with his opinions on everything from the service at the new Olive Garden at the shopping center(which he  finds excellent) and the growing acting prowess of Kate Winslet (he finds surprising) and everything in between.

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