Monday, February 3, 2014

unforeseen problems with cybernetic induced symbiotic thinking

the subject who has been retaught to think in an x=x way will begin associating all sorts of cause /effect situations.
he will come to false conclusions or presumptions due to his initiation into "street theater"pantomime
imprint /debrief /reiterations...
none of this is the fault of the Tele-Operator
or the Subject
only a temporary
phase in attempting to understand "silent Sound" communications
and the "telepathic " unspoken "jargonese" of Mind to Mind ,Mind to Computer or Mind to Television interplay..

the subject needs to constantly regroup

and be either punished or rewarded for their understanding of assumed computational conceptualization of fragmented ideas based on a fractal based A.I. learning "curve'-J.B (2014)

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