Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Tru Way TruGenic Affiliates

denny's father
       patrick pace
didn't believe in diagnosis
or mental illness or in his son's case developmental

he saw what he saw
he heard what he heard in Denny's flat
removed ...almost robotic affect

        and judged him accordingly

he had produced
a dud...

        a mistake
if he had known in advance
what denny
would be ..
     .denny wouldn't have been at all

Patrick previously had been a Neuronaut
now considered himself  a true TruGenic Affiliate
         he left "the church" of the New Way
that had long ago stopped
going or being " New" enough

 the inclusion of homosexuals and
borderline personality types as viable members of society "because they were bORN that way"
Gary Rainy  stated ,simply in the Preface of the 5th addition of "Inway to The Enway"
Rainy's prior "Scales of Human Normalcy"
what ,thought Patrick? A misprint...

Tru Christie believed
that not only should this type not have been born
should be phased out

along with
any 'type" that was a drag on society

and anyone who dared
speak against the New Society
 that Tru Christie
had the guts
to say
must be the Tru Way
you're either with me
or against me

there was a guilt
       that should not have been there...
in Patrick
who had made up his mind to  leave the boy
 and the marriage

his  Tru Way advisors
did not believe in Guilt
        or Remorse
             and considered such feelings
part and parcel
of the conditioning and " pansifying of the american male"

Layla insisted he was shirking his responsibilities
and Patrick
began slipping
back to what Tru Chrisitie called "format"

and had to call his advisor to regain proper footing

"in the days
when man was  still allowed to be a man
he would have every right to
set a problem like
Layla in her place" was all that needed saying

"think as a caveman' was the motto,....
whenever in doubt"
reach into one's inner core and
think what would a caveman do?

 Patrick slammed his wife against the wall
      and stormed out
in the car going 80 now 85
felt more alive

when he spoke of the incident at the weekly sit down with other Tru Way Affiliates
 his actions
were met by cheers

cheers that he
had the
instict and follow through
remove himself from the disease

that was both Layla and his son

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