Thursday, February 6, 2014

can't you roll with it Dumbo...let me drive...
people are always controlled by something -by someone..
and yes measured
I as your mentor
do judge you..measure you
..consume you
you are being consumed Dumbo... yes
for future consumers....
that is why so much of these tests must be done..
may get a version based on our work together..
but all I am getting
and I do not like this.
WE do not like this - 
 questions about
and WHY we do WHAT we DO
THIS, and NOT US, will drive you crazy
drive you back to drugs and alcohol..
stop questioning and start being just a little more
easy to be with
"I want you out of my head EVAN...I want my thoughts to be my own ..I want my body, my perceptions to be as they were.."
Not gonna happen,"EVAN graphs..
"you want scientific explanations...will that satisfy this"man on mission mutinous
I am a mule.
 I am nothing to these people.
I have been mind raped.
I have been abducted by an Artificial Intel company
I know you do not believe it is true.
But can you see. I am not here.
can you see that nobody writes so compulsively about a subject, certainly not a subject like science if one is
or previously has never had a whit of interest in the sciences
Does anyone write for years now if they are not writing for their lives?
or as explanation why their life force is being taken ..
or took...
Evan presents me with an occipital overlay of a green black board
and presents a cognition of a dry
state of his present mind, mood and methodology
which I sense
he expects me to appreciate.
he seems to want me to understand that what is called a "pack' is sent as 
a bundle of information that is grasped
in immediate measure..
for this new skill which is  impossible without the biosensors.
EVAN and my Team think I should be grateful and  excited to be part of this extraordinary venture..
I am forever caught in some Stockholm-ian
with my mentors...
of being overwhelmed by the faster and more complex styles of thought and attenuation.
Your  BCI allows for direct communication with a technicalsystem that can bypass the natural outputs of the brain, Despite its  initial power and novelty, applying this type of control to  subjects makes Human- Computer Interfaces  a challenge not  easily understood outside "the relationship "The relationship is meant to be one sided in it's conditions as parallel conscious communication must be   deliberately delegated.Inevitably this creates a conflict between BCI and the subject's conventional  sense of mental and perceptual control. Second, brain activity which can be both consciously controlled by an outside source code of induction naturally or un-naturally  overlaps with the brain’s  limbic system..there is a "gap" in sychonicity concerning muscular control— creating further conflict  with in the subject..especially if the subject grasps(too early) that the reasons for certain movement control issues are  a side effect of the trials with Telepresense techniques.Oddly the subject often grows more hostile as the subject grows more educated about his circumstance .Resentment often swells rather than ebbs when the subject is given confidential assurance that his visual and auditory hallucinations are not  nor ever have been organic in nature ....

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