Thursday, February 13, 2014

seein' stars(2011)

*****, the actor...or the sound of him..but it is more than that

i am opened to it .to him
I am TV


he says it's "the waves man'
and that they don't do any damage...
like a cele phine too close to your ear...but these waves //sorta

skip the cell phone and go right
where the most Immersive Experience
the temporal lobe
little brotha"

you will hear and see and feel and you never thought possible

and all i ask
is that you

keep a lid on it
as this is
sorta  a wee bit illegal..
and who wants to step on anyone's toes

at this juncture

   as things are we're gonna have to see what those chips do
  moreso on how a type .a demographic  reacts to The New Way of Communications
  and because alot of investors poured quite a bit of dough into the project
 we're gonnna have to do alot of things with your sensory perception and whatnot that you might not understand or that understood?"

"No" I say

"good" so we can get started..The Voice says ignoring me

t i feel a tingling
in and around my head.
i hear what seem like 30 helicopter over head.

it's LA .I assume they're making a film

although it occurs to me why anyone would want to employ 30 or so helicopters to
capture the roof top
 of a  Sherman Oaks apartment complex
is beyond
but i never really did understand Los Angeles.
in many ways it was and is a very spooky town
'do you always think like this ,"The Voice asks."I mean is this what we're gonna get?This Jewie ,girlie introspection shit.."

I am again frightened

"i hate fuckin artists..."The Voice says ,but backsteps...i sense something like genuine love instantly from The Source..I feel a buzzing in my head," let's talk about how a painting such as Abugraid Saturday Night " might be perceived  ,not by me.but by other's..don't worry about me ...I am here as the devil's advocate...I am hear because TV wants to shift the entire Way people enjoy interactive Tv...right to one's 4th wall of a screen.."

"what's a forth wall,"

I hear myself thinking

"Kind of Dumb aren't you Dumbo,"The Voices says,"i expected an entirely different read"

i picture the actor
sitting in a chair somewhere
with some kind of
like a DJ

"it's remarkable isn't it?studios are always trying to understand new types....actors can now use other people's life experience to tap into for method acting.."

"what's method acting.?" I think

'why so many questions...."The voice states,"gather yourself...slow that mind of yours down.."

"I can't ...never could"
my mind drifts back to childhood...the teacher flipping over my desk.."

"what am i supposed to do with that?"the voices says
"what am i supposed to think?"

I am confused.
I leave the apartment to get away from this strangment

and swear i see.
the back of this actor's head getting into a car...

i am in Love

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