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Passive Backscatter Biotelemetry for Neural Interfacing

Proceedings of the 3rd International
IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA, May 2-5, 2007

 Wireless telemetry of  bioelectrodes can be accomplished over distances by using the biopotential to directly modulate the characteristics of a simple passive resonant circuit consisting of two varactor diodes and an inductor. Backscattered radio frequency energy at or near the circuit resonance in the 300 MHz region is amplitude modulated by the biopotential and detected by a remote receiver. -
Miniaturization of radio transmitters for implantation in the human body still requires biotelemetry applications that induce high stress to excite neural spikes for both markers and comparison analysis to distinguish vowel /consonant/vowel representations in  recorded brain wave
phase sensitive detection. The demodulator(the Encoding System) is constructed around a  frequency mixer. whose output is then amplified and bandpass filtered.-Bruce C.Towe

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Experimentally measured bandpass of the wireless circuit system . ECG waveform of about 1 mV amplitude from bioelectrodes on a human subject telemetered over a 10 cm distance using interface

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