Wednesday, February 19, 2014


EVAN interfaces
                    that I
                           both respect and couth
                                                                 for the system that I was" treated to" explore
that he finds it astonishing that I object so much to my mentoring
                   as if anyone
                     but me
would be delighted

                with the technology

and HIS
THEIR company...

I think
i interface
this is the New Way
perhaps it could have been a bit more "delightful" if there was not the ever present THREAT of Expend- ability
it ain't a threat
it's a promise

                     but in the mean time?
(and there is nothing meaner than unwanted unsolicited ...cerebral engagement +)

but NOT unwarranted EVAN graphs

he graphs that
 are mainly to induce neural spikes of excitation(this is not so but what do i really know...
i've read up on others in similar states of "tether"
a growing number of people
millions world wide..
in my boat
or moreso have become boats

(it was me who  decided to" make it personal."

.to make things so much more difficult than they should have been, if I learned how to both control my thoughts and my actions....

I can see controlling my actions ...I try.but my thoughts?
can you even for
a minute
now try 5 minutes
now try 3 years
now really think about
what it would be like to
have another not only reading one's mind
but speaking back to every thought

you were put on a list
you said the wrong thing a bar
or painted THE wrong Painting...
or typed the wrong

how long would you stick around
of course you do not believe this is possible

a human monkey..understands

for The Cause.
for the singularity
for science
for progreess..
for US Electromagnetic Reasearch  (Peter Phillips,Lew Brown 2006)..
    This research explores the current capabilities of the US military to use electromagnetic(EMF) devices to harass, intimidate, and kill individuals and the continuing ...

OH Dumbo you barely try at all...your Not even a Man're a Child Child
evan graphs

and what the fuck do I get?besides Tardive Dyskinesia..(they want me hospitalized...
they want me to begin taking
drugs that deal with the
false implications of ...the situation
you cannot know what these drugs do to a person..
there is pain in the nerves ...joints..
one blows up like a balloon
one's eyes twitch and roll
one's gait is off..
the people whom you might see on the street that"LOOK LIKE MENTAL PATIENTS
on;y are that recognizable
because they took these drugs
ant street drug is less horrific than a neuroleptic\

but the Intrusion
of mind gets more difficult not easier
not better

and one stops caring
it is madness just the same to be
in this manner..
there is no off switch

I see two tiny violins in mid air playing

"fuck you" I actually say out loud,"the chance to do what exactly....?"


my roommate asks me who I am talking to

Nobody I say

"do they ever leave you alone?" my roomate asks

never I say

never ever

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