Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Introduction to Occipital and Aural Overlay

the Master
was jammed with two types

those chosen to send beautiful imagery,sound and sensory overlap  to others via Proxy Cyber Systems
Monks ,Priests ,Rabbis

and  those chosen for their ability to emit awful,terrifying images,sound and sensory overlap via Proxy Cyber Systems

Valerie made
 those chosen to transmit
 beauty , mysticism and love from their minds sit in the back
 of the class

much preferring the
with the grit
and "Emit" Stylings
to make
 "a Proxy" jump from a Tall Building in a Single SOUND

a Buddist
raised his hand..

grimacing Valerie  but took the question,of course the "look" she gave him,Valerie noted,was not absorbed

...this overlooking of
the obvious...
 disdain and "small cruelities" the world gave and emoted
was a hallmark
of the "Good ,Happy ,Forgiving " type
Valerie found wanton
in every way

the monk asked,'how exactly do images travel through the air?Through the airways'

The entire class was given bio sensored headsets.
that intercepted their brainwaves
their senses
their selves
and sent them to a computer
that first encoded "the New Language' of thought and perception
and next either
stored the Neural Data
or sent the Neural Data
to Targeted or Hapless Individuals
hand picked to deal
Technological Schizo.."Syntho-Genic "

Valerie did not so much answer as bark,"Do you want me to spend the next 9 weeks teaching you physics or synthetic telepathizing/Do you know how a Television works...how the images re-arrange themselves through satellite cable or frequency?" "she snapped.

part of the DEAL
was teaching
"the good eggs"
how to 'do it"

but only
so they might
they would be up against

The 'good Guys' would inevitably...'warn the world' about
protest and
The Next Big Thing

of course the entire class should have realized they'd been "apped',tagged quite some time ago..
their brainwaves
the best (the baddest) in The Business.

Valerie often read the responses
after class of the 'good eggs'
societies LOSERS who had to overcome their
Trugenic Inheritance
of physical and emotional weakness with
dispositions of Love and Spirituality
which would count only
as liability
"The New Way'

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