Friday, February 21, 2014

tetrafluro tetracyanoquinodmethane ( the "chips")


drink it.        .he said

                                                                         how long before  it kicks...she asked
.bout'   3 to 4 days he said
 kissing her
already  .to make love to her
 from within and out

 4 days later

the "stuff
 { Tailoring electronic properties of graphene by ππ stacking with aromatic moleculesThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 228972905 (2011).}
 dressing their temporal lobes
 like tinsel on a Christmas tree.................

Neil turns on the program that works with the biosensors

                                  that he "borrowed" from work

 the bio implants ...still experimental

except on

the unknowing

drunks and junkies vagrants
already walking Santa Monica Blvd like zombies

what a waste he thought

injecting  human garbage with enhancement  "apps"

a few thousand dollars paid to a security guard to look the other way
when he pinched some dots from the lab
.that could link Him with HER
and THEM
with the MACHINE
that  programmed the  experience and mind modulation in advance
 it helped  Neil
that he knew what make Sara tick and give in
it helped that he knew   Sara's sexual "mappings"

 he could program

                                  toward states of Euphoria and carnal exuberance
                     that even  MDMA could not wrangle
,not all the time

he explained "How it works"
as the two undressed

the dots ,the "stuff
 we drank 4 days ago'''

 reads electrical activity in the brain

and   relays them  back to a source  computer which  than encodes and enhances
back  to the person or persons with  access

"persons with access? she asked
I don't want any else but you inside me my head .body or otherwise..she trembled. She suddenly became aware of what she had done taking "the dots" that would make her mind an Open book an open Read

it's just us ---

.he lied


Nathan on headset

linked In
         Neil's brainwaves*
 first felt a little gay
but it was
                        worth it  to feel what it would feel like f*cking Sara.

Susan on headset
3 feet from him on "set"
                     first felt a little guilty
but next

  a little Sara -

and the sadness of Sara
as suddenly
 the entire
backlog of Sara's memories
 hit Susan like a tidal wave

in the sadness that
 Susan now felt as her own
she gleaned
 that Sara had been in
 a hit and run of a small child
5 years ago
that she had not told anyone .
not the police. Not her family
not Nathan-
suddenly feeling nauseous
she ripped off the headset and ran to the ladies room

Nathan so entranced
Sara through
Neil's eyes
 notice her absence
nor did he care

*An organic molecule graphene that has been found to be effective in making silicon-based electronics  viable for building electronics on sheets of carbon only a single molecule thick.
Ultrathin carbon layers known as graphene  are extremely small and efficient electronic devices.

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