Thursday, February 13, 2014

off the grid

evan is disappointed
he claim's that Neuronautics
has problems
with agencies outside of it's own org.
he claims that once

the feds get involved
in the "fly by your seat' rundowns of a private mind modulation company
all sorts of regulations
are put into place
and than all the fun of trying to scare you to lizard brain
heights of walkin on da' sun will be reduced to
"everday data collection" based on neural expotentials..and spikes and crescendo of synaptic
intent follow through based on
tedious everyday "dumbo brushed his teeth,dumbo decides to make the bed."
the feds
the last time they got involved once took all
the candy machines
out of our
break room..
leaving us with nothing but a water cooler and a Pepsi machine..
there was some hub bub about the machines running on a divert circuit
or some such rot..
do you want your mentorship destroyed by
some psychotherapist ,"Im' OK you're Ok" hand holding
or are you gonna man up
and say
'let me be in the driver's seat and learn
The New Way
the right way.
or are you gonna go wiki leak
scream like some pussy
and have all the candy machines taken away 

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