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the social network and brain computer interface

 by april 4 2009

Layla noticed

Denny had begun writing about himself in 3rd person

as if he was studying himself

Layla supposed he had
taken on many of the attributes 
of his Mentors
whose only job was to
"read" him

there was really something ludicrous about a
high functioning autistic
"participating" in
anything social ',denny pace thought

there was really something  equally ludicrous about a
high functioning autistic
like Denny pace
 participating in any social network online
except if he used
a camera denny thought briefly....actually giving brief pause to his thinking so THEY could "catch up"
he wanted them
caught up
his only reason for
using the social media

he turned on the fan
.and the airconditioner
and the tv
to throw off
'the reading"
he needed to focus
on the facebook instructions
of social
media interaction

without a camera
(he had long ago masking taped over the small dot of camera on his laptop)
there was no chance of
what his former dr

 the trade secrets
of human interpersonal reaction
eye contact

"Act as If"
was his dr had said,

"nobody really gives a damn what anyone other than themselves thinks or wants...the dr said
all social interaction is pretending to care about other people
"do you think I care about what any of my patients are saying...
all that matters is that
it seems
i do.."*

when denny spoke about his session that evening with his mother
his mother
nearly fell out of her chair she was so angry
and told him
he would never
that dr again..
and that this was wrong...
people DID care about what other people thought

Denny noticeably relaxed
since the session
denny had begun going over
nearly every
and relationship he ever had with a
new understanding
that all social interaction was "playing and faking"

.he studied the face book
and figured he'd
ask people named Denny
to befriend him
he typed in the name Danny
as Danny sounded very much like Denny
and the drs had told him
that people
always liked
being reminded of themselves
more than anything else

denny saw two danny
but not one denny
had accepted his friend request
he forced himself to look at their profiles
he felt
except for a photo of a very small white puppy
that danny 2

the social network was all about typing
and words
and seemingly photographs
posted 3 periodicals about
human computer interface on denny's walls
and was
subsequently down to
only one Danny
as a friend


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