Sunday, February 16, 2014

culpability and BCI

To who it may concern regarding the Asian Pear "incident"

Dimitri...the poor soul who placed the foam lattice wrapping of the Asian pears at the wholefoods that he blew to smitherines'
was not quite ..completely
in control of his faculties

''first before i defend Dimitri...i want to offer my condolences to all who friends and families ..who were killed,maimed or shaken the "event"...

 although Dimitri indeed placed plastic explosives in the produce aisle..
and indeed did write the note
 that note that he felt the their foam lattice harnesses were protected,housed and taken better care  than most poor people...

i must say he has a point ...
yet certainly  nothing to blow up a wholefoods about...

but let me state
that Dimitri wasn't really the sole
i am afraid i may have  placed ideas in the poor lads head
my name is Douglas Hart
it was my job during the last 4 months
testing Dimitri's "apps"
little chips we put in Dimitri's head
that enable
brain computer interface...

it was my job as Dimitri's handler
or tele presence operator to be more exact
to test

the subject's
the  proxy's
and all sorts of level's of
seperative consciousness

free will if you like

he fit the criteria
white male under 35 years old with a history of violence...
our company which was outsourced the "chips"wanted ,needed  ...
to "test drive"the technology
and see if we could
circumvent Dimitri's control mechanisms
to "spice up" if you will
history of
bar fights and
anger to be
less disenfranchised
 less willy nilly and more defined

for weeks I interfaced Dimitri
topics that i believed might
interest him

including ,many of things he wrote in his notes about
poverty and
the conditions of the poor in his community.
.things much to my constituents
and everyone here at Proxy Cybernetics ,a Direct Neural Augment "start up"were surprised he had never
considered in  a more encompassing
community based
i'd send him aural and occiptal over rides
as this is and was my job(I was given a 2 week hiatus and enrolled in both anger management classes and a 12 step program)

it was I not Dimitri who visualized
a scenario
Grand Theft Auto Smash em up...
throw caution to the wind

 including a   MONTAGE of Dimtri shopping for fertilizer
electrical wires
and such
never really taking the time
to separate my own
"now if this were a movie what might happen next" thoughts
which as you may or may not know
are interfaced
straight to a Proxy's mind
during Direct Neural Interface

i  who had been drinking quite heavily (girlfriend problems)
didn't quite acknowledge
that the
thoughts i had received on headset..were not only thoughts
but actions
these Proxy's often "play games" with Intent and Follow through..the neural "reads" of

i.e dimitri actually buying fertilizer
actually concicting a remote starter system to act in conjunction with
the battery charged weapon...were miinterpreted by me and Dimitri's other Mentors
as fanatasies it simply never occured to us that these preparations
were actually
happening on the other end of "the line"

i presumed  dimitri was simply
role playing
not constructing
weapons of mass destruction....

please take this into consideration during both the preliminary hearings and sentencing
Thank You-Douglas Hart

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