Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Blob Scene 12 (wilder psalms and visions)


"Offenders against us get ill because they can never truly justify there offences
It is a mercy to put a padlock on such a person's activities. Every word a RUINER  says or WRITES against US, every plot every he devises to escape Mentorship...and the Betterment
a Direct Neural Intervention provides turns on the RUINER and
pushes the RUINER further and further from the
 to a Regressive state
 so it is  a relief to a RUINER to be punished...
.and broken down
so we can rehabilitate him once more to The New Way.
..we break a RUINER down to build a RUINER a RUINER's thinking is clean and clear enough  not simply for  interface with his Mentors  but with The Entities Above .

...never think of our tactics as anything but our perseverance to make you Better and Purer in your Emanations...."The Voice said unto Cole Cohen the day before Cole would only be referred to as Cole L.Cohen in the news

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"THIS AGAIN!"Cole thought
knowing his thoughts were transmitted somehow to "Them"

but it was making no sense....
                                                 and what little sense Cole had left.....
                                                                  he felt impelled
                                                                            by whatever little of "self' he had left in him
                                                                    to somehow explain......
but nobody heard him................

you will be a hero!" the voice said unto Cole.

 this is "the voice"
 this is "the Group"Cole wrote
" that the powers that Seize have handed "the apps" to ...This is the Group ," Cole wrote,"I was tricked into joining to "write about"
to investigate?
believing the crap they told me about some woman absconding..yes that's the word they used..absconded
with "the biotech' she stole , that she she mixed in with applied nail polish
and I believed it."Cole wrote,
"not realizing this "Mission Impossible" shit  they laid on me to gather evidence was a set up....." Cole wrote and thought and therefore  Cole."graphed"
writing and writing ....
to no one .for no one....but only to retain some semblance of sanity.

 "NO WAY" was" this group "not handed this technology
just like they handed me over to them be ......used....taken ...destroyed-
                                                                                                         Cole Cohen (notebook 37)

"Cole...we have deliberately convoluted your thinking so you can best serve !
 to DO what you were meant to do....
 which is take out a cell
 of Jihadists.
 who will be at ****** restaurant on ****** at ******
It is Your Duty as an American citizen
                                                         to AIM your aimlessness at those whose AIMS
                                                     are only to destroy the fabric of society!"
the voice said

"YOU.," Cole screamed although the "apps"in his brain  made speech un-necessary ,"HAVE DESTROYED the FABRIC of SOCIETY!"

Cole  grab his  head...if only to 'feel" it was his  own head to hold.

He  feel numb...suddenly
He felt but the "THEM" inside him

INT-INTERROGATION ROOM-DAY (Burbank Blvd .Sherman Oaks CA)

and Cole  felt nothing when he shot the innocent people the next day

Cole sat across from the federal agent in the room .....
who showed him photos of the "so called" Jihadists"
all of them American

the agent asked Cole ,"what else did the Voices Tell You ?"

'They told me I was one of you."Cole said

"One of who?"the agent asked..But there was a look on her face ...and a barely notice-able...shaking of her head that said 'no,no....don't ever say that"

Cole had become used to observing these small barely noticeable all his life ,since the day he was born people spoke to him  this "special" way...

The agent asked Cole  again ,"WHAT else did the VOICE tell you?"

"It told me so many things I can't recall" Cole said watching the agent write something on an index card she passed him after making some type of hand gesture at the camera .All it said on the paper was one sentence ,"I don't like Mondays"

'so,"the agent said ,"tell me as succinctly as possible WHY you did it?"

Cole looked at the agent who glanced down at the index card.

Don't .

Cole said.

and the agent said...."You need not say anything more.
                                            Do you Understand?"


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