Saturday, February 28, 2015

midnight in paris/Monsieur pouvez-vous me dire où l'homme pourrait lui-même un des mitaines appropriées acheter?

"it's all about gaming ,"Tru Christie graphs..""
 "dude you will say anything" I graph back..
 "we just want to see how realistic we can do know to "bring someone into the game....," Tru graphs back,
 "it might be in someone 's best interest...
 if one can place some kind of distance between themselves and this Provocative Game Program we are writing
                                                                     what I think made you turn in a whole new way
 was Evan Rainy threatening to make this the quote unquote The Groundling Version of "The Winslow Boy"
 you are by now addicted to the  fear."
 'is that what I am?" I graph
 "YOU are whatever I decide you are at any given second my little Avatar,"Tru graphs,"and if I want my  little Avatar to say too  Be our "Man Who Knows too Much" in the piece
 than as they say
 "whatever will be will be"
 I wonder if I should erase my previous entry...
 "no,,,no Dumbo...
 we're just getting started ...or we will go Drawing Room tedious on you...
 we'll set the entire BCI to "The Winslow Boy"/"Upstairs Downstairs"...
 why we might even decide to teach you French....via A.I. and  than poor little Dumbo won't  be much of an action figure to play with  would he?...he wouldn't literally be crossing lines...
 that allow us to
 take him to entirely new Level
 gaming  my little game boy all about reaching new Levels isn't it?
 so if the genuine threaten that we might skin you alive  wasn't REAL
 well then .
 the interface wouldn't be action-ie enough would it?"
 we might do things to you
 you couldn't imagine bro'
 like make you LIKABLE...for instance.."
 suddenly Tru's voice sounds different ,nice as pie...
 'picture yourself on a boat on a river ...
 he graphs placing the imagery in my mind
 and- now picture yourself in a three piece suit
 in Paris...
 with a nice handsome good 'husband" the antithesis
   of the bad boy type you go for...
 you and he are walking down some charming ,rather stylized to be 'generically charming"  street in Paris
 you overhear a nice American Lady say"Oh what fine looking,fine acting gentlemen I see"
 both you and your dapper husband smile at each other.
 oh what the fuck Dumbo,"Tru graphs ,still sweet as pie his tone is"
 "you even hold hands.
 perhaps you even skip down the street ..Oh ...maybe we can throw in some over lay of
 "more with honey than you get with ..."
 sweetness and light that evokes you both to literally break into song huh?"
 sounds good to me ,I graph..

 .Monsieur pouvez-vous me dire où l'homme pourrait lui-même un des mitaines appropriées acheter?

 Tru graphs

 'Sir can you tell me where a man might buy some proper mittens"
 and an entirely new form of torture begins.

 "Nice save...huh Dumbo," Tru graphs,"Very Saint  Elsewhere.....
 don't forget
 who saved you-
 'ya' know Dumbo what I really like about this particular that it establishes  our Dumbo as a man that will go to extreme lengths of cheapening his conveyance to save his own ass...even for just a few more weeks...or months ..or days ...that this manchild..will deliberately dilute his albeit turncoat documentation of his  experiences
  with fodder such as this ...which all but dismisses the post that came before
 which Dumbo  at first glipse .NOT a second glimpse so hellbent  on revealing..not only does this particular post  demonstrate just how  cowardly Dumbo 's true nature is but also displays quite concisely his .Not my.- scheming nature..."
 "do you want me to write this down?"
 I graph


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