Friday, February 13, 2015

when a group or agency can decipher one's thoughts
those that decode one's thoughts into language
judging one's thoughts.
and this was the problem....
little did I realize it was
just a phase in the Primal Solution

they want me to kill myself
I don't understand why a juiced version of ..:the waves"
can't just cause some hemorrhage or something in my
they explain "they want me to feel pain...and they want  a trophy"
-a face(my own) to give to a  taxidermist

to mount in The Cabin in the Woods

as proof
a gesture
for wasting their time
a Ruiner
who cannot or refuses to change

originally this blog was
be a
anyone who "read more"
instantly became
but according to my Mandlers -I even fucked that up
by adding videos
and such
that cheapened
my degeneracy

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