Monday, February 23, 2015

plot points and burial plots

early on-some of the storylines "my team' introduced upon me. into me.
via Imbue .
were incredible.

there was a system at play.that I cannot rightly "say' was mutually agreed upon from the start I had absolutely no say
in the matter-
however -the system 'worked" somehow in way I can now only see...I dismissed...
a system
that I and i admit -only I -destroyed...

there was not just a truce...I could never really forgive "my Team' for "taking me over " in ways I and You dear reader -never thought (or you dear reader I hope never know is possible)

in retrospect there was however what one might call -a working relationship.....
via interface.via Telemetrics..
that I fear will never be as it was...

I was told ,I was "graphed" <meaning interfaced
that "for this system " to work (for met o write of A.I. and Immersive Reality in such a way that I might help introduce preferable a Young Adult audience(?) which was reconsidered "by my team" as to introduce sex as benefit to those who will eventually purchase biotech offered to co-exist in Two Worlds simultaneously.

 there were several things I could not nor should not do to 'fuck up" the information I was to receive ONLY by Proxy.
for instance I was not to research methods of "mind reading/mind transcribe techniques "(on my own) nor A.I. and a form of either sound or vision being introduced into another...
"the presented" boundaries" ...presented to "tell a story"...
that had aspects of certain technologies ,not in my best interest to understand....
concerning for instance my not be run over by a car ...or tossed in some ditch somewhere...with my head blown clean off..

{this in fact is where we my own story line by the way...
and all the intellectualizing I might do to "consider and reconsider" that OF COURSE I was going to as they say "go all Jimmy Olsen/Hardy Boys" on them would occur}

why .because I discovered that my predicament
was not mine alone
and that quite a large number of people "were under "the spell"of Psychotronic Persuasion ...or what is called by some A.I.
and that these people who call themselves Targeted Individuals
were suffering and being used as Human lab Rats
in ways
I was not...
(while I had my share...of Threshold Testing to "break me in" much of my "communion" with "my team' was -to be honest
"fucking awesome"...
but "not so much anymore...." to put it mildly...
for I "broke the rules" and "ate" from the Tree of Knowledge
Targeted Individuals not being "used" to essentially write a book...and do
Gaming  exercises.....for step one of Immersive Reality based first ONLY on wearable headsets....and NoT tech introduced into one's system to bond directly to one's brain according to my Mentors would take quite a few years to "get rid of the eeeewwww factor" of such Hi-Fi---unless of course measures were taken to simply release nanotech into the air via cloud bursts..rain wind etc... a subject "my team' began introducing upon  me/in me...nonetheless as a directive that "since I had gobbled up information concerning MK-Ultra ...etc...let's see if we can undo some of "the mess" you made by you formatting such a scenario by doing "a rewrite of 1988's remake of "The Blob"...

I should have known "things were amiss" when this particular storyline
was introduced...
which had nothing whatsoever to do with the initial concept  
that "all action would take place within a corporate office park"....within which men and women on headset ...would interact
with a few 'Gypsies ,whore and thieves " whose minds had been spiked with nano particles..that worked in concert with their "Mentors" on headsets

I was not to "get off track" concerning any other  system or technology that did not ""cement" the
elements of "a story" based on certain this 'set up"
-as I was graphed that" this would confuse me...and certainly screw up the plot  that "took place" within "the office park" and the various Human Subjects "picked up" to be part of this new format of Neural data collection especially concerning acquiring Vicarious "action based" (sex,drugs,crime)one who purchased or subscribed to those "app-ed"  to interface

I was "graphed" that for the sake of "plot"
the Proxy should be young...
and only One character(on the wrong side of the interface and telemetry...inserts they called them-biochips ..which a Proxy cannot "turn off" nor 'get out of their systems...furthermore the size of the tech 6,000 ,which can fit on the head of a pin...could not be 'found" through traditional body scans (except post mortem...via electron microscope)  This "one character"should be in his 40's ....a character named Indis'O Say, a writer---

and  that -whatever went on between "Dumbo" and his real life /real time "Team" was between 'Dumbo" and "his Mentors"...
IF ...I stuck to this format-everything 'might have been fine"
I couldn't "stick to this plot" as I DID do research which indicated...that "this wasn't "a dream' this is really happening to people world wide..
and that biosensors /biochips were not even necessary to MAKE another  
Hear,See or FEEL 
and that several systems were " set in place"
specifically to allow 
such "endeavor"
and far from there being any need for someone to sit in some cubicle wearing some enact a sensory ,precatory based interface
a technology was quite long ago "put in place" that could mimic a genuine dialogue that "seemed to be occurring in with a genuine person" was not required and one could
be having -a never ending interface based simply on aTuring Test..(you don't know me ,but I know you).type of A.I.
so real in it's understanding of one's specific thought style
this dialogue could indeed feel  initiated by  -
a genuine person
as the interface
was often  based on one's own Brain Signals so a system could deduce and therefore construct "an imaginary friend" one would always sense was 

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