Monday, February 23, 2015

"How Long" can one beset with the inevitable
"take" of knowing one's
premeditated "early demise"
is "round the bend" without one deciding it is in their best interest to take
his own demise.
his own termination
upon himself?


"Now Dumbo...that is precisely what we need to know..
and precisely WHY...
we made you go so off track....
that we might get to this topic
in a manner...that offered you options to not trespass on certain temptations "to go off point"
"off script" to such a degree....
that indeed you will feel you are under the Sword of Damocles-
what you graph is the sword of Damocles Dumbo...
According to the ancient story,there once was a man who wanted very much to better himself...
Most men and women who come to Hollywood
and want to be actors or writers
are of such character (and /or "lack thereof" that they will most anything to attain "A Place in the Sun"
while Damocles pandered to his king
Dumbo in many ways (ways Dumbo saw to it he didn't "get into" when describing his "plight" and dare I say Dumbo "instigation" of being "app-ed")
Dumbo knew he should not have returned to Hollywood to write about a certain story
concerning Monarch Programming and movie stars
didn't he
and that's why
he was asked to "come back to Hollywood specifically to write about Monarch Programming and what some might call "the Illuminati"
we knew we had our man
Our Writer....
not because he was "a very good writer" but because he wanted
"to BE something"----
did Dumbo really want to "expose something?"....Evan graphs...
"well ,I suppose Dumbo must TELL himself that although his Neural Reads...betray many of his high ideals..
but for the sake of sakeness ....and not to scare Dumbo to death too quickly let us get back to "the myth" of Damocles.
after all Dumbo ...quite early on ,quite before you caught "The Last Train to San Fernando"
you were told how very,very important "myth" was...
concerning both Hollywood and Washington and all that "might LIE between" to provide
"perhaps certain Myths" which help keep order and some type of Collective Idea of for instance what 'America" means
not only to Americans but the world...
and how Hollywood and Television and Pop Culture...were to a great extent ,are and will always be "the glue" that held
our society together...
and this was one reason -People "brought up" Monarch Style
whether they liked it or not "had a obligation" to protect certain information
their "Wild Child" upbringing was meant to facilitate
and there are "reasons" ONE doesn't "go there"
aren't there Tusk?

well Tusk/Damian/Darko
Damocles,a cad if there ever was one
wanted more than what was on his plate ya' see
he wanted to "be somebody"
he wanted to "go Hollywood" as they say....
and for this he would gladly "sell out"
I am quite certain "he felt he had righteous reasons" for his desires
but than again Dumbo Damian Darko?...tell me
are there any righteous reasons for wanted to "be somebody"
to want Fame or Fortune or the Power that goes with such? UNLESS
of course one is Illuminated
to KNOW that certain True Lies and such must be protected from "the masses"
so the public
has "something of value and also VALUES to "set their minds at ease'
that INDEED the world is essentially GOOD
and that "NO,The Sky is NOT FALLING...nor FILLED with for innnnnnnnnnnnnnnstance old chum
chemtrails and nanoparticles ....and such....
Get It?

concerning Damocles the "mogul" that was Dionysius offered to switch places with Damocles, so that Damocles could taste Fame,Fortune and the Power that goes with such shit.
Damocles sat down in the king's throne surrounded by every luxury, but Dionysius arranged ahead of time for this Evoked Potential
and therefore placed a huge sword above the throne, held up only by a single hair of a horse's tail. poor ,poor Damocles begged the king to LEAVE HIS "pLACE IN THE sUN/pIECE A' DA' PIE" AS HE realized that with power ,as with fuckin' biochips that hooked one up with some of the greatest minds "in the Industry' came also great "be part of the glue" that held society together...stories...
and enough sense to realize even if an Intelligence is synthetic in nature...none the less it was developed by Greater and dare I say more righteous minds than
any Jimmy Olsen ,who somehow convinced himself he was doing THE RIGHT THING.
when every fuckin' thing he has done is exactly what he was explained he should not do.
Does it matter
if Damocles left the "Project"?
as for the rest of Damocles life he would "know" Up there .Somewhere...
the sword still hung
there is virtue in to 'helping sustain certain myths , and certain lies..certain confabulations "
deviance in "inciting fear with certain truths NOBODY wants nor needs - to know...


I'm not playing your fucked up little game ,I graph

"You ARE my fucked up little GAME Dumbo"..,Tru Christie graphs back.
you want this to be a living nightmare?....or you want us to back off?try to put you back together?

"why'd you rip me apart?" I graph.."what was the point?'

"no Dumbo..YOU..ask yourself what was the point ...what was and is your intention writing what you're writing...Cause if you're screaming for help from someone I assure you   the help you will receive won't be what you bargained for".

"I wasn't aware I was bargaining for anything"i graph back

"well maybe you had better start...." Tru graphs." you were brought up to endure was the only reason and others like you were born at all..there's nothing normal about want this normal life...or something you see others have....and you know what they might want...they might want to be "hooked up to devises..." it's your job in introduce this technology as a consumer item....beneficial. Not go ragging on it every chance you have ...this personhood you absurd...
you were brought up on Imprints
 you only have FEELINGS when we put feelings into you....every thought you ever had was placed in you
 via Frey Effect
since you were born...
why do you think you can have something you were purposely engineered not to have .
why do you think we only set you up with people who know what you are?.A research Project THAT'S ALL!

I graph back I want the Ketamine Signal.

"Idiot ," Try graphs," we can't be fuckin' around with aspects of your biology that create emotions all the time....or you'll look like fuckin' Manster .
..and you can't go getting high every time you want to disappear.
..cause it's beginning to screw up
 our work
 not to mention your teeth..
.do you know Dumbo? what most people .these most people you so envy for bein' "real live boys" and shit  do to take up their day.
..they get up go to jobs they often hate and DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO DO.. you have demonstrated YOU cannot be trusted to WRITE..
and no longer are you allowed to lay around and THINK pictures to us nor are we your fuckin' TV set to think pictures back at you...
you want to feel human...well most humans aren't capable of interfacing paintings....
they have to pull themselves together and actually create paintings..
now if you begin doing things like can cover up some of the limitations of being
Joe 90.....especially if you stop fuckin' writing about being raised Joe 90 can just say "Oh I hallucinate all the time ....or you were abducted by aliens....or I don't know practice saying nothing at all....." Most people
 have to pretend
 a lot..
...for instance most people don't always love their wife...nor do they always like  their friends///but they don't go round '  saying "hmmmm I don't really like you at this reason
I just don't"

"I have never said that to anybody",I graph back

"Yes have. talk like you write you have absolutely no self buffer....we are not often quick enough to help you..."

"well...shouldn't the person KNOW at that moment I have no feelings for them if I don't?" I graph

"WHY Dumbo....WHY should anybody need to know this?"Tru graphs..

"maybe it's the 'mind reading ' shit you endlessly do with the interface....that makes me that way"I graph

"You know I really never thought about that," Tru graphs...

and it is the first time I ever remember Tru graphing he "never though of anything .First.

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