Friday, February 27, 2015

nicotine patch.winslow boy.

"In order for us to move on and .to get this annoying, cloying  desire of yours to seek legal action....out of your system and thus our system
we will begin considering -
your perhaps- too easily dismissed
claim that by "app-ing " you up with bio-tech
we may have indeed trespassed on some of your civil liberties
by presenting to you
reasons even a dummy like you might understand...' Evan graphs,
"as to why aside from our promises not threats that  we will physically injure you in ways you can't afford to image..
if you don't "back off"

Evan continues,One of the uses of A.I. and BCI and it's predecessor that is television that only engages the eyes and ears  instead  of  your 5 senses
(a demonstrative  of such we mistakenly entrusted to you
                          to think of as an adventure rather than a chore...)
is to help  one vicariously come to terms with certain aspects of their day to day experience
not appeased by what might be able to accomplish in"Real Life"
in your case that is
 taking legal action ..nor attempting  bring charges about being a Human lab Rat..

a lab rat ...
concerning A.I. testing and it's Limitless possibilities
and that one 'born to be had"
 cannot be allowed to just escape...from his cage..
or go SOS
presuming he may write about certain enactments being performed upon him
especially enactments used to cause the lab rat to be Imbued with Terror
in fact if this human  monkey
decides to mane too much of an issue or goes into too much detail -
 writing about what he has been (or is ) being subjected to...
that little monkey
is only making things worse for himself...
sorta' making his handlers...have more and more of an "Anything Goes" perspective concerning
"How Far they Might Go" to make the fuckin' monkey keep his fuckin' mouth shut Why So Serious Style.

"But" ,: Evan yawns" Since .. the subject of this  Human Experiment's  daily laments about civil  liberties
are  getting in the way
with our study
The Powers that Seize have decided
 to use the bio tech "gifted" upon your 5 sense perception to instill upon you SOME semblance of

traditional formats of Tv are often used to vicariously
allow the masses
 to experience "A Life more Fair and Just" than -the one "their lot" presents
and because SHMUCKO
has no capacity "to keep his hands off the computer with his little noctine stained fingers......we will try to give you a Tele-Presence version of" Dumbo goes to Washington""

simultanueously WITH this "Happy Talk"

,I glean
                 right through my nervous system---
a different sentiment entirely  from Evan Rainy who has decided to go "bareback"
go "Un -Buffered"  concerning the interface

" oooooh -How much
I'd like to see your fingers broken ONE at a TIME
and suddenly I am "gleaned" a Second Sight Over Ride or Over Lao that "gifts" upon me the miraculous ability to "see"   not only the  sight of my fingers bent and bleeding but also FEEL a  shot of pain my mind equates somehow
 with "The Seeing"
the pain is quick..."my team
" sometimes likes just- "demonstrating " what they can do to me .If they want to..

"sorry,' Evan graphs...sending me a quick "Second Sight " of a smiley face

"yeah maniac ," I graph," you are- one sorry,sick son of a bitch""

and in retaliation I  now
  see my hands
or at least perceive that my hands
                             ...are gone

" Jew' wanna make this  American Horror Story j-j-j-jjimmy flipper boi? want ' Freak Show. or the Wnslow Boy?..CUZ' I'm trying here...
OK..?" Evan graphs

"Ok," I graph back,for what else can I think to  him ,to'it"


"For the sake of YOUR sake,".Evan graphs .."YOU, with no self control
 concerning those fingers I would so too see broken...concerning this incessant typing..
introduce a new story appease your whining that you deserve some type of JUSTICE or FREEDOM
based upon the dilemma of a boy named George -Archer Shee......who also was encouraged to
contain his WHINY ASS selfish ,"I didn't do anything .I don't deserve this shit -  for King and Country
 we will refer to this RUINER as Ronnie why would we change the name of a real life character to a fictious name Dumbo?
well..I'll tell ya' why .
...because it is sometimes in someone's best interest to write about certain matters in a mannes..if such a person cannot control themselves to cease typing.
to at least do so
 in manner that  distances "the realities " of certain situations  AWAY from certain matters
 perhaps a country of some sort might not either want  "be reminded of
OR that " certain matters might
require   concern certain CODES of CONDUCT  concerning "the  greater good"
The Winslow Boy...all but destroys his family and wastes the time of an entire nation on trivialities
The Winslow Boy's pop....although English ...has a lot of Jewie Qualities"
like your kind of self righteousness....

I sense Evan trying to calm "stay on point"
I have know idea what point he is trying to make
and because he senses this
becomes furious
and his fury zooms through me...
"damn man ," I graph and begin trying to assimilate what he's graphed into something "I get"

'Don't ...just don't ..."Evan graphs ...I guess sensing my trying to understand or recall his input...
I make myself or try to FOCUS
on what Evan is graphing in the Here and Right Now-

"for instance," Evan graphs" -some  fictitious  country that
might have "dabbled in" ...
Human Experimentation.
might not really want some Human Money~ whining about such dabblings .. as these dabblings  might make a country "look bad"...
OR is that what you want Dumbo?
Cause I don't believe you have a consciousness that CARES about "rights or civil liberties but only your  own concerns...and discomforts
.We go out of our way to play Peter and the Purple crayon with NIGHT and DAY!
make this experience FUN enough!
 that any decent man!
would focus on THESE aspects of this experience  rather than the  "Oh no...they're torturing me again"shit!
it's called threshold testing you self entitled kunt

"THIS," I graph ,"Is you trying Evan?"
and  I realize -it don't know what this maniac does to me me half the time ...and we ain't talking Peter and The Purple Crayon....

"and there he goes again<" Evan graphs,"Dumbo 'not accentuating the positive-
-Dude we're on unbuffered Mind to Mind here ..ok and you are ,if nothing else a very TRYING man to 'be with" in any un-buffered fashion .Even in Real time ,face to face...buddy"

"what's"  Winslow Boy",I graph ,seeing mind's eye wise Evan reading from  some little Cliff Notes that say "The Winslow Boy on it.
..and I'm like Oh NO...he's  reading from some End Game Manuel...but than I'm like why would some end game written as Cliff Notes...than I remember some stuff he graphed about setting "the action" in England...and...

I glean Evan ,yawn,he hates when I get "wrapped up" in Self Referential thinking .
It's rude.
Especially when it's Direct Neural Interface - with no buffer.

"The Winslow Boy "Evan graphs ," is some boring play ...THEY made me read last night ,"

I sense  Evan either by self restraint or some "link" to some computer  re-alighned his "qualities" to some  measure of Neutral Neural Baseline..
than .Of course
I "glean a new "wave of rage" that concerns Evan's emotions that have little to do with his "non Vocalized" /Vocalized-  Directed Thought .
the jist of this thought is-

 NOW because of YOU .I  have to do fuckin' homework and read  fuckin' plays , interface with you"

and next "glean"that-

Evan has  also watched the movie "Winslo Boi"..which wasn't even in color   and  inadvertently get a glean that color or not Evan  thought one character...Winslow Boy's older brother was cute...
was HOT
and hear a tone
 that indicates Evan has put a Buffer between his own thoughts and my own

'what a wuss," I think and thus graph
Evan not having the balls to let me  "read him"
 and with that thought
I am augmented  once again to see my  hands

I am
on pause now,for lack of better word...
 but still see the last  graphed image of the actor who played
the  "Winslow Boy" older brother.
 I try to re-create the image of Winslow boi's older brother :Mind's Eye" style
and sense the buffer Evan has placed between us  lifted...

Evan, suddenly sexual  graphs "yeah,,,,,now make the guy in color...and have him-"

Finished with our "
"work break"
 I smoke a cigarette..
and Evan graphs that that Proxy Cyber uses  my nicotine use in real time
 to send to wealthy some Japanese Business man who is trying to give up smoking
 but doesn't want to
use a patch
and that ALL you ARE
 DUMBO----- is - A Nicotine Patch ! and TV Set...

next I  glean-
how a cigarette is a key plot point in win slow boi
and next a glean
 that it is Evan and my team's job  to present me some kinda' story based on this Winslow kid
 to keep me busy ....or satisfied....or something
I glean bits and pieces of some storyboard type meeting "concerning "The Dumbo Problem'
and than I am besot with Winslow Boy this and Winslow boy That
the "team: is trying to update for me..

father of winslow boi sends kid to Triangle Training  Academy
triangle training school
 trains kids to work at
 Branch Meridian
-,a Private Security Firm specializing in A.I. and B.C.I  work
the jist seems to be
 Ronnie Winslow .,the boy
... gets his noggin "beamed" with some Ultra Sonic Electro Magnetic Energy
. according to
          the storyline "my team" is working on...

.well it;s these kids this academy's"  job" or training
 to attempt to go "all spotty and static" with their heads when this shit happens
I get some quick seemingly random "clip" of "Starship Troopers"
and than it's back to
" The Winslow Boy "who  can't go 'all spotty and static" with himself fast enough or something
during some ,I guess "Starship Trooper ' like 'action sequence"
long storyboard short
Winslow Boi
. beats the shit out his Professor or steals 5 bucks or something...cause "the voices" or the 'beams"
"made  him do it"
I needed this "behind the scenes shit like I needed nano particles in my neurons I cannot help but think

For once I sympathize with Evan cause this story or the bits and pieces of it...seem so scripted  and not even based on my own
thoughts or anything
and for a brief moment I can't help but think how used to all their Interfacing being based only on my own thoughts to "bring me into" the story
and how lame old Tv is that isn'tinteractive
and how it's true a way....some of it when it isn't terrifying is cool as shit

"Maybe Dumbass shoulda' thunk a' that yesterday! "Evan graphs.
and than quite deliberately it seems I am fed
in high speed bits of the story line being worked out for me...
 Psychotronic Weapons  they test at this school can ..make people DO stuff...they might not otherwise do...if they weren't zapped with Directed Energy
BUT the THING is ...according to the Glean
is that Ronnie Winslow
 has been trained somehow to have this real strong sense of being able to disassociate  and thus ..SHOULDA' used this  "firewall'
 cause he was brought up "Tommy" The Who style like me and like Evan
than I glean bits and pieces of "some story " my "Team" is bending over backwards to create to
"calm the fucker (me) down-

little "reels" of sight..and like 'story' that goes right into my  head... don't HEAR the story so much as KNOW the story...but it's unfinished...and than  I get the glean
that  Evan gave up on reading the play after 3 or 4 pages...
and put the movie on of
 winslow boi on Freeze Frame
 as soon as he saw the "hot guy" who played Ronnie Winsloe's big brother
in the movie
 and had a wank and than went to bed.

I Glean that  Evan Rainy has aspirations to be a Dream Weaver...or what they call "A Muralist"
that Evan in fact asked..
to try to come up with some Tele-Presence based on PLOT
that might 'get "Scumbo" away from...."his own  themes"
in a matter than might help Imbue upon me "some sense of Justice"

problem is ,according to the "Glean
" is Evan was asked to try to "grow up "himself at some meeting
 and told  not keep using the headset on me like some maniac
as "it's making Dumbo" harder and harder to "handle-- by others that steer me ....after he's done his shift
and maybe it "would be a good idea" if Evan learned aspects of Muralist based Interface
to add some "Drawing Room"
sophistication to his own repertoire,..
I glean -
that -according to Evan;s boss
a bit of "Drawing Room" Brit Lit Illumination
 might instill
 "some civility and manners" that wouldn't make Dumbo such a "loser" in social situations "
as induced Imbue of Character...via 'Character"Over-Ride /Overlay ....via this new kind of TV is supposed add
 Lingering traits of another's -synthetic or Neural data" Persona   to a Proxy's  personalit.y

according to what I glean from Evan THEY think of both me and Evan as
unsophisticated "childman'un cooff....something or other..
and also I inadvertently Glean that Evan was asked on many occasions to stop calling me Dumbo...
or Jewboi during Mind to Mind Interface.

"fuck you Dumbo,"Evan graphs, imparting  your main goal in life seems to be trying to destroy Research and Development...
and all I am good for is being some Rich Guys nicotine patch
and I can't even "do porn " thinking for more than four minutes..
and he  hopes Proxy Cyber finally  just run me over with a car...which they'll probably do fact if they don't ...and they are THIS close DUMBO!   maybe I will myself"..

"odd,I graph ,"I always feel somehow more dumb...whenever I am  online with an  un-buffered Evan...even when your shift is over ,I swear I feel traces of YOUR cognitive and emotion deficits for about 20 minutes. afterward....So Evan ...if  your Boss doesn't feel YOU aren't good for anything.... maybe you should remind him your brain waves are AWESOME at  dumbing a guy down"

me.."Evan Interfaces
------------------------- and I feel a pain go through me that almost makes me pass out.


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