Tuesday, February 24, 2015

exhaust fan/ "Davey" and Goliath

"how it must amuse them",XXXX says..
coming into my room ,
"watching  their little Davey
try to fight back
on his little laptop"

"ya think" I say

"I know " XXXX says.."I believe you are some kind of exhaust pipe for them...nothing more. Obviously THEY cannot talk about it...so they use little mutts like you ....to some type of ...way to let off steam. Ever occur to you Dumbo? You are doing THEM a favor....being the equivalent of an exhaust fan...LOOK at YOU man...look how you live now...LOOK what you do all day...they made it so you don't even paint anymore...DON'T you GET IT?....don't you see you are wasting your time....don't you see they LOVE watching you SHOUT ...
watching you waste away?...waste your time...
I get it you wan them to kill you off quickly.
they'll do it EXTRA slow......"

"they already are..." I say.

"You are Steam to them....as invisible as wireless ...you will always be as invisible as Directed Energy...maybe you wouldn't have been if you kept painting..had more ...been more...been something....meant something....but you never will..you CAN'T CATCH up.."XXXX says,"gulping milk from the carton in his hand-
works....old chap"

XXXX says...smiling, flicking his finger
 at the easel
 with a blank canvas on it...
a blank canvas there now.Here now - for years.

"As Charlie Sheen said during his own "readjustment period"-Tis' about WINNING .Dontcha' see how much YOU ARE LOSING....every damn day you type..I've been telling you to KNOCK IT OFF! for how long now..
who do you think YOU'RE fighting against here?huh..
.some local Mayor to put up a Stop Light at an intersection...your a tool to them...obviously...a useless whistle blower blowing a tune NOBODY cares about..people don't give a fuck about these things UNLESS something effects them....that's not how as you say "A Human Organism " works nor thinks...
there was a reason they asked you to write about LIKE they wanted...
they -at least b' when this began....wanted you to GET something out of this..
that's why they encouraged you to write IT as a script...a commodity...
I don't really know what you THOUGHT to them to make them "give up on you"
"Give up on me?" I say.
"for a while you were doing FINE ...BEING FAIR...writing about this as BOTH the greatest thing ever invented and also the most dangerous thing in the world...now you're just like some
wacko who begins talking about The New World Order in some bar people MOVE their stoll AWAY from NOT towards..Unit 731 Dumbo?,,,The Night of Broken Glass.
NOBODY wants to see a movie about Unit 731...bad box office.
and Evan warned you not to" play the Jew Card"any NEVER to write about this like you're fuckin' "Charly."dontcha' see THEY have every right to take you in some backroom and place some cage full of rats on your head now...
when people think of "1984" they always forget that
THAT is what happens to people who don't play the game right..."
"so what am I supposed to do?" I ask him.
"you don't think for one moment I will "get into what a man should do....when he's constantly IN TOUCH with A.I. ...and Mentors who interface with his mind second to second..
Nor am I allowed to ask you what They Show you or Tell You...and neither were you ALLOWED to do this...but you CHOSE to...anyway..."XXXXsays
"because I have a conscious that's why...." I say
"No,because you're a LOSER..." he says ,"Who refused to LISTEN ...who chose to
ignore sage advice...to reel yourself in...to not be just "another one" who turned against something
that still has not figured it's intentions out yet.....what happens next "in the story"
do they use the tech to wipe out 80 percent of the population..are we going to go "down that road?"
"no," I say...
"why not...sure sounds like good idea to me...if only there'd be more parking spaces..." XXXX says
"you can't be serious"I say
"i am damn serious...let me tell you a little bit People ...you autistic
idealist...Neuronatuics..is about the end of False Sentiment
and how to introduce BACK into the Collective Mind that
it is OK to want more parking spaces....and less Unresolvables around.
..it's about 'A New Way" of thinking based
on primitive aspects of man being a savage beast
that might not KILL for a parking space but will be
once again ALLOWED to think 'they wouldn't mind a few folks GONE
to get a good parking space...and don't kid yourself Jews if they are honest with themselves
do not have similar thoughts that simply need a "Change in the style of the times "
to help them "not go all "never Again" so long as "sure looks like plant food to me"
is not based upon ethnicity....
nor race"XXXX says
"and what will it be based upon?"I ask
"THOUGHT STYLES ...whom amongst us is a GOOD apple
and who amongst us is NOT..." XXXX says.
"and who decides this...what type of judge...," I say,"decides who amongst us THINKS right  '
'the same people who 'apped' you up...," XXXX says ...going to my closet and taking out my blue shirt and Black Tie.,"put it on.," XXXX says...and remember what side of this you on..before it 's too late.."
I won't put it on-----
"you were raised Neuronautic...for a reason...Science ...and the Science -Ideolgy
of Mankind once more BEING ALLOWED to once and for all BURY this horse shit that "All Men Are Created Equal....are they Dumbo...? tell me tru-e fully if all men are created equal...I'll make it simple for you does the girl next door LOOK like Kim Kardashian? Does the man who works at the drycleaner THINK like Stephen Hawking..."
"no"I say
"Is  a man who steals someone's bicycle ....or car a man we want to propagate...
or moreso would we like a man who teaches a man who steal cars once he is behind bars to read
more the type one wants to take up parking spaces....Or ask yourself this ...Is a man who has been hooked up to A.I. who only write about themselves as a victim instead of a test pilot
a man  who anybody in this endeavor wants around?"..XXXX says throwing me the shirt and tie...
You are on the WRONG side ....do you understand...you don't know what you are doing anymore...I insist that you make that CLEAR in your jottings..." XXXX says and when I don't put the shirt and tie on  ..he goes over to the easel and punches his fist through the canvas...and slams the door.

after yelling "Extra Slow...we'll make it...EXTRA SLOW!" 

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