Thursday, February 19, 2015

Insider Trading in the Field of Augmented Reality

In 1870 the prospect of an automobile was inconceivable....
In 1870 the prospect of a radio and certainly televised images appearing inside a "box" perhaps moreso...
In 1870 the thought of airplanes and other "far out" advanced technologies
were as inconceivable as biochips being inserted into one's blood stream to latch on and transmit and transcribe brain signals.
Because  the concept of a Brain Computer Interface seems as "far out ' as a TV set did in 1870 today
those developing A.I. have carte blanche to develop "this particular" science under the guise "secrecy"  as it does not "take a rocket scientist" to understand the implications of one receiving  an unwanted interface that can alter one's perceptions and moods first and foremost as a weapon ,this being the case a Multi billion dollar industry is allowed to hide projected fiduciary rewards of this technology under the umbrella which is called   "Homeland Security " making those developing this  literally  "Mindblowing" technology quite secure indeed  concerning their pocketbooks. Quite purposely for all intensive purposes this technology is an "impossibility" .However the only thing impossible  to believe concerning A.I. and Brain Signal Transcription in the Mind Augment Field is that hundreds of corporations  are allowed to hide both their holdings and their inside information concerning  foreseen futures of technology that has been developed well past the point of "the phase" of either Research or Development ...

Maxine Enbrel -{post removed 2009} Fortune Magazine Online

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