Wednesday, February 4, 2015

symbiotic syntax sematics in the age of cybernetic brain entrainment schematics

Solomon grundy born on Monday..


of course Cole had attempted suicide.
any man who hears and sees things
considers any means necessary to "make it stop"
any man
who comes to realize
he has been captured by a new type of madness
by men
ONLY to drive another to genuine insanity
however learns How to Live
if only to explain
Synthesized Insanity
(he lives now ONLY for this reason. There is nothing left to a Man created ONLY to be a shell
who was purposely abused
to disassociate.
he lives,this Cole for  long as he can
to make sense out of the seemingly senseless modifications done to him ...
a human monkey
he lives ,as long as THEY let him live....
          and "at this point"
 did it matter...?............the visions a man who has been "app-ed" is forced to SEE
....can tell quite pointedly "it does"
but not to him
The "him" that remained in Cole in spite of "the him" they were destroying one blink,one think,at a time
-for telling...
the Seeing is meant to scare him into silence...
as the "sex" and the "entre' staged left..."love interest"is to keep him addicted
to 'The Game"
but what type of man would Cole be? If he "stayed on CUE"--------as he was raised to...
for reverse brain engineering.
and for more functions than Cole could keep track spite of being tracked all his life...
was Cole really a Man at all?
Is a man raised on symbols and cues .......and triggers...
a man
or just Manchurian in nature...?
might a man raised on triggers
not deliberately  pull a trigger on himself....
if ONLY to know He can...
or is this man a traitor
        to some cause that seemed ,that seems  only based on cause-a -tion and evoked response...
How could this man "BELIEVE" in anything ...or any country...or anything whatsoever
if such a man learns "he is not alone"
hundreds of thousands of individuals were raised "Droid From Brazil" style
for what?
for whom?
For Science....
For  Money.....For "Progress"
NO.........the voice had explained to cole BE a WARRIOR!
                              a fighter for King and Country
                                              against the ever present enemy! ......
                                                          was there ever a nation so good at making enemies.
                                                                                as US?
if dear reader ya' haven't guessed I am "the enemy"
 synthesized Supa' powers!or synthesized telepathy/telemetry  notwithstanding
it began in 1994
but Only with sound
but when he was "sent" or moreso lured in retrospect back to "LA"
to write a piece on Scientology by a prominent movie producer
who wanted an "outsider artist" type "slant" on things
as Scientology,supposedly despised "a certain type of art"
and a certain type of person who created "art" that was not decorative but destructive
to "another's mind"
Cole ,who considered himself...
a dabbler rather than an artist...
previously had moved to LA to be a screen writer....
but met up with some "odd fellows" who introduced SOUND.
in a "New Way" to Cole's mind....
Cole ,who had never had psychiatric problems before came back to "Memphis ,Ohio" a destroyed man....
but somehow manged to "pull what was left of himself" together enough NOT to write...
(as the incident in LA had seemed to destroy aspects of linear thought Cole previously had.
years passed .as years do...
and Cole forgot about 'Hearing Voices" that seemed to come from nowhere...
but he was never the same .
Cole began drawing...and eventually writing again
and was pleasantly surprised when a Hollywood producer e-mailed him "that his writing and well as his artistic talents " might
make for an interesting insight into
certain odd elements in the Los Angeles area....
little did Cole know how odd these incidents had progressed since such incidents first struck him
in 1994...
But he would soon find out......

I thought we killed off Cole.Evan graphs
...reminding me we're simply writing a screenplay together..."a New Way"
 a remake of the 1988 remake of "The Blob"
and Evan reminds me that it is difficult enough "working with " a  crackhead schizophrenic

who hears and sees things
because he was abducted by aliens 
 isn't that so Dumbo?
is that a more plausible deniability
in this Project

"your my toy Dumbo and you love it sometimes...
why so serious?
why you crying for help again
why you makin' more trouble for yourself?

you make me hurt you.
Lighten up or we'll fuckin' light you on's  that for Illumination,Lover?..Well,I'm off for the night and you're gonna regret that wood grain formica pulled ...because I besides it being on Neural Read ..I also wrote up a daily report for Tru Christie to "glean over"

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