Wednesday, February 4, 2015

hard assets (part 2)

Evan explains he is  getting a bit of flack from his superiors
 as part  "your job" is  to explain /was to present "worst case scenarios of "the apps"
"The Merge"getting in the wrong hands
but ALSO you must explain
why a consumer must purchase the " apps "to experience Immersive Reality and Enhanced Perception
I deliberately think of wall paper patterns and shower curtain designs..and focus on wood grain patterns forcing my mind to THINK as a camera does moving closer and closer to the wood grain ...
I now visualize myself...or some aspect of my consciousness ...meandering through wood grain...and think of how small I must partake of the wonders of walking in a the knobs and swerves of wood grain...
I know this type of thinking annoys Evan especially as I focus my auditory cortex to
a Purina Cat Chow Jingle based on Neil Sedaka's "Calendar Girl"
consecutively thinking about
speculating WHY do THEY ,why does Hollywood not just ...replay OLD ADs not as Retro...but as the film grain and texture of "the piece" simply because the film stock is not manufactured anymore...force the eye and the ears to FOCUS on the product....
"stop it ," Evan Imparts..
"no," I graph," This is the only way to block you....I think Self Referential Style ...(a way I am never supposed to) ...ahhh I can do this all night....walk molecule style through wood grain...Hmmm I wonder if I can do a JUMP CUT here ,,,January chow chow chow chow chow ...and attempt to focus my "inner sight" on a specific Formica table top but the shine of the Mica real or synthetic is a wee much for my mini eyes...scaled to near nano perspective ...."
"go ahead yourself crazy...thinking this way"Evan graphs.
"I'll think any which way but LOOSE you cocksucker to get away from you," I graph
when I feel an excruciating pain in my left arm
"Now do I have your attention/"Evan graphs.,'i want to fuck around..."
"after that last Reel you graphed me ,,, want a mind to mind reach around/.."
"yeah" He graphs Tele-presenting himself as Finn Whitrock and me as some guy I saw a few hours ago at the mini mart....some 20 year old Penn student..He told me to "do a nice Freeze Frame on for further...use...concerning visualizations..
it's kinda cool....being suddenly someone else..
like really getting into a movie...which requires one "get in another's shoes"
but in this case the "shoeness" is totally Immersive in a way that defies explanation..
I am not "lost" enough in the Brain Link however "to play"and attempt to Inner Vision myself back to the wood grain purina cat chow thinking...
but the haptics(the sense of touch)
on my lips and my ****
plus the vision of Fynn Whitrock
and Evan's Forceful imbue of me as "minimart guy"
is too Straight to Cortex...
it's like rape...
via interface
and I know that's what Evan likes...
   Playboy has added Augmented Reality to the cover of the current Dutch edition, showing semi-nude, partially animated clips of the three potential Playmate of the Year cover models but don't be fooled thinking that the use of Augmented Reality in the Pornography Industry is interested in anything so indirect -but a directed Tele -Presence of "the object one's most prurient  desires.  Immersive or Blended Reality  is meant to blow your mind and can give you the haptic and visceral feeling that other parts of your anatomy are being "blown" as well with computer-generated sensory input such as sound, image  and also emotional data. Work is being done in many pharmaceutical labs to replicate new anti-depressants based on the algorithm "pulse and frequency of Ketamine to be sent via signal (interface) to one's synapses provided one 's mind is rendered to receive and transmit "signal" with biosensors.While mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified by a computer can be transmitted via wearable hardware,only biochip(biosensors) that bind to one's neurons make for a true Brain Computer Interface,as only biosensors can get close enough to a dendrite to "read" and thus translate one's neural data. While the prospect of getting "app-ed" in such a manner may seem scary it is well worth it to enjoy the thrill of one's service provider  making everyday life- a cinematic experience. Biotechnology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality offering co-conscious experiences that go beyond one's "un-apped" view of " the real world ".

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