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Specifications of Brain Computer Interface to create Mental Decomposition December 1988

 After a target's brain signals have been studied enough to sequester synaptic  signals responsible for the target senses,  emotions and minute to minute ,second to second perceptions of themselves and thus their sense of reality one may begin impressing (interfacing) disruption incrementally. Focusing first on non vocalized thought , the target's inner monologue (the little voice inside their head ) by mimicking the targets own cerebral cadence so one can  next transmit  askew versions of signal back to the sender .The  " new 'noise" ,new input should be altered   incrementally to slowly reduce the target's "sense of self", this is best done by the initial interface being based "note for note " upon Pattern Recognition so one might understand and later initiate upon the target disruptions in the targets integrated self based on both associations and sensory perception

.  If one studies a target's neural spikes in accord with a gathered baseline neural "map" one slowly begins to understand the triggers and cues both a target's conscious and unconscious mind reacts to. While it takes sometime to gather packets and subsets of "reactive mind" based synaptic fluctuation eventually enough "  shorthand" can be gathered so one may begin using numerous methods of testing these Reactives toward both 'enacted events" (a placed noisy neighbor, a place bully at work) as well as electronic microwave "silent sound ' techniques to stimulate other Neural Spikes.
   Simultaneously one must procure "brain map "that indicates how quickly or slowly a Target accepts and reacts to incoming data .
   Eventually these acquired "rates of assimilation "of induced stressors from both "placed persons "and electronically induced discord" layer upon the targets own brain signals can be sped up and slowed down to produce anxiety and set the tone of initiated 'feelings" of fragmentation.
   These periods of inducing disorganized thought patterns upon a target via Psychotronic Imbue should be deliberately mingled with a enactments that assert that " sender" is "on the same side " as the receiver concerning sympathy" and companionship." .A good deal of time should be spent initially building the target up emotionally by relaying heightened HZs that can induce Euphoria upon the subject so bone conductive hearing techniques can be introduce notions that the target is in communion with "a celestial non judgmental entity" so the target will not attempt to blanket his thoughts. The  next  crest concerns transcribing the targets inner monologue into words using a number of different computer programs that by this time have begun translating the targets linguistics and  subtle differences,  for instance concerning  how a subject's neural signals(Brain Map) responds to vowels and consonants 
    Often by this time a Monitor of a target requires some type of buffer to protect his own psychological needs but the monitor must consider the trade off of their own thresholds concerning Remote Neural Monitoring and the need for the Monitor of the Target to understand nuances of associations and triggers that might stymie their subject's emotions and cognitions at a later time .
  Good allocation schemes are one of the hardest problems of " A.I". design, and much experimentation must be done to develop efficient and effective algorithms. Hence the following suggestions are merely initial thoughts. Different implementations are encouraged with the hope that results can be compared and better schemes developed. Several of the measurements discussed  are aimed at  systematically destroying a target's psychological mechanisms. As each individual ,each target has different weak points, phobias and fears this initial 'honeymoon period "phase of Direct Neural Interface  should just be used as an  aid in determining  parameters of instigating psychosis while evaluating alternate schemes.

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