Friday, February 6, 2015

time and temperature via Evan Tele-Presenting himself as a tiny lawn Jockey

there were better days  when they were getting me used to it..
when "all they asked is that I tried.
..tried to think in a way that was  Imageation based..not words.
. think in terms of movies
 and "roll with Evan or Tru's story line...and than let my mind take it from there..
I didn't have much choice they said - as my Imagerations would be  there's as well,,,that this was about interactive tv..
and I was ...rigged back inVan Nuys at the jail to be basically our little tv to play with...and that I signed this was consensual even if I didn't know what I was signing..they said they had to tell a lot of stories at once ...why the rush. I thought .because well some of these stories are tricky.and someone might not like them and blow your head off or something or you'll find this too intrusive and try to blow your own head off..and also I might think real bad stuff to them and they themselves might just hire someone to blow my head off..
..and I said well I don't want that..... you really don't have any choice,,you like this planet we put our flag on so that makeS YOU OUR PLANET .AND SOME OF OUR JOB IS GONNA BE ABOUT CONQUERING THIS PLANET...AND SOME ABOUT SEEING WHAT WE Can mine in this planet which is your mind and all that goes in and out of it...we can put more and more things in it as we go I get paid they say...because this is sorta not legal..and how can I get paid for something nobody really is supposed to know we can do.. much of this will be about choice.however..because as this gets faster there will be some stories we tell you that you should know are not the right stories to tell...but we will tell them to you any way  ..
.why I asked..and asked was the word I used
 before they said the right word for it was graphing..
why they graphed ...just to get you in trouble.
.you like trouble. They graph .sometimes..I graph back
.well I think anyone who has chips all in and up their body so teeny tiny they can't be seen with the naked eye already got himself in some kind of trouble...or he wouldn;t be used as a test subject.
.."yeah I said..probably,,than I graphed ",you the same guys who made me hear things when I was in LA years Studio City and that Group.. who put a gun in my mouth? "we were just playing with you...this is all about Gaming..if your not scared,,,what kinda fun will either of us have,,.we know you and you know us...and we're gonna get to know each other real real well now..because we' made it so everything you think feel sense  goes up and way from your head and right to a computer that allows us to see what you see, and sometimes make you see things..."don't make it like it was the first time...I graph...That was to just break you in ,they graphed back ,":to see if you could survive ..and here we are again....

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