Thursday, February 26, 2015

Targeted Individuals Europe

"While I understand "it is
"the Job" of a keep their captive locked in, locked up
the captive cares quite little about anything whatsoever than getting out, getting away...

if some armed guard came to my house ...took me away
placed me in a cattle car ...which took  me to a concentration camp
where I was next
starved and beaten -while I watched others die or kill themselves
because of what was being done to them

than -along came a guard that explained to me
"Oh,we're Jews doing this to you
to study
 how a Jew might "take this simulation" of being beaten and constantly made  aware if they did not
"play their role as captive" or  be killed
as to  make "the simulation"
 all that more AUTHENTIC

I assure you one soon
cares quite little about "the reasons'
for "the enactment"
dare I say the "players" -doing something "this sick" for some greater good.

would you?


TI-David Rosen  -3 days before he killed himself

Eric R. Naeslund The Human Brain Project 

Cybernetics and bio telemetry. Experiments on human beings. The State using individuals for medical experimentation and developing brain control systems with implants and supercomputers able to control large populations and individuals. The perfect tool to create the state within the state.
- R. Naeslund  Stockholm Sweden,on the Human Brain Project that is still going on today in Sweden , the US.and most developed and "un-developed" countries worldwide.

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