Friday, February 20, 2015

Being There

 "We at Parasol Pictures are interested in the many ways computer interfaces can enhance one's senses with insertive  biotech that offers a consumer  an opportunity to exist simultaneously in both their everyday reality and a heightened "virtual reality" that Merge Bio Tech offers and only Merge Bio Tech offers- if one is courageous enough to experience electronic based extra sensory perception. Although biotechnology inserted into one's blood stream may seem a little scary to those unfamiliar with the science and specifications of just how close a biosensor must get to a neuron to suitably decipher and thus transmit the complicated high speed synaptic signals that provide a genuine  Human -Computer Interaction  and thus the wonders of participation in hyper realistic thought for thought, image to image excursions into a uniquely visceral new format* of Gaming and completely Immersive 5 Sense entre' into what motion pictures can truly be when the plot line and character one chooses to be in the story enters not only one's eyes and ears but emotions ,cognitions ,conscious and subconscious mind. "-Valerie Prentis CFO Parasol Direct Neural Interface  
it's everything at once ..rhythms switch....the images seem meant to jar me...meant to be paradoxical. Meant to obliterate   what point of view I still have left....The pace is sped up and slowed down...time itself ...or my perception of Time ...they want me to KNOW want me to FEEL is also longer MINE but theirs...graphic pornographany and arousal are purposely mixed with imagery of piety...and propriety meant to never be thought of nor presented with concerning arousal.... Evan imparts that "this is the only way we can Bring you around..." to THINK the way one must to Be Guided without my defenses always .always fighting ,"Evan graphs,'"A battle you must begin to once and for all LEARN you can never win..  ..They are turning on me in ways that in another time I would have been able to rely on my own self talk,self reconfiguration that day by day are being blocked....I fear soon I will only see ,hear,taste ,touch what they want..It is as unimaginable to me as it would be to anyone ...I write and write of this strange new way of keeping another captive...In the past I would and could tell myself THIS is better than any form of physical torture...I am not familiar with physical torture...I have had my share of fights and physical painful accidents. A dislocated shoulder, a car accident. The pain was unbearable yet I could reach somewhere in myself to lick my wounds a way I cannot anymore...the interface gets faster ...the sheer amount of information I am it is being introduced upon me in concert with imagery I cannot block from my if I stuck inside a dream that never ends...I can no longer turn inside myself to reconcile the nor sort ,peruse the non vocalized amount of information they now use like gunfire...I close my eyes and see even more vividly whatever symbols or segments of recorded visualizations...Evan explains that this is only be done to crash my system so I will stop resisted the tether..I do not know if I believe him...and he informs me in my situation I must only now trust He and Neuronautics to fill me up to such an  extreme with bombardments that I will once and for all stop fighting "The New Way"  -
Cole Cohen 8/12/14

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