Thursday, February 19, 2015

don't ya think

"I'm all for "magic realism" we both know, don't we ?"Tru Christie graphs ,'but ya' know...I think  it might be a good idea if our little Dumbo
re acquaints his readers that our  Dumbo is delusional and certifiable...with a drug habit to boot dontcha' think little brotha'

I wrote this piece for you -as you "seem to be a little OUT OF BOUNDS and misguided.
the words appear on the computer.and I begin to read them

"don't read them Dumbo...just post them.NOW.. we don't want anybody thinkin' we hurt our little Kit do we now...and we certainly do not want ...anybody believing have "come this undone do we...
this type of lunacy
might just
get our little locked up-AGAIN


i wake up. feeling ruined
surprisingly feeling so ruined gives me hope,
as much as "My Mentors" . My unsolicited  'link"
by some synthetic Entity meant to drive me sane .or drive me mad..
takes a backseat to wreckage I have done to myself
attempting to provide myself with Buffer.

crack /was...the only thing that shut my mind down has also begun to wreck my body...
believe it or not dear reader this sense of provoked early demise ....provided me with some relief.
demise .death...
is escape....
by my writing of "How a very real problem" that seems so unbelievable
and reads as such
lead me to substance abuse...
"cheapens ' entirely ...
The Psychotronic "endless ' playdate..
I set forth to describe ...
a reader may add "drug addiction" to "thought disorder" REASON this man
types seemingly endlessly about some "communion" with Artificial Intelligence....
it is quite the other way around

Crack makes some people very hyper.talkative and some very very still.
not only do their bodies get still their minds..
as well..
My Mentors however are not worth my own version of "Slow Kill"
in this manner
I suppose in the therapeutic community
I have decided I am worth more.
This IS not so...
I feel as worthless as "My Team" has decided I was ....quite long ago..
my teeth hurt ...I mouth is swollen....all my money has gone to "find an escape" from a situation
that seems to only grow more intrusive...
The crack leads to benzodiazepine Xanex ...Ativan...alcohol to get rid of the "jitters'
the odd :fear: that occupancies "one toke  over the line" concerning smoking coke...
I have had substance abuse "issues" in the past....

I have gone to several rehabs...
I should not be typing.....

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