Sunday, February 22, 2015

breakfast in america

when she can ....when the medication .
was  in the twilight time .Of the neuroleptics  leaving her system
The system was the routine
nothing more
 7 am- she and the other women lined up
for "meds"
The Tv was always on
the linoleum was constantly polished.
Nothing else however "was clean" ....
the air felt unclean because the sound of afternoon TV ...
seemed to somehow pollute the air itself...
that reflected in some ways 'The Voices" and the "Images" Darlene had begun seeing .
the meaninglessness of "Sound " and Image"

The nurses ,the social workers...
dressed in medical "blues and pinks"
The women dressed in Salvation Army moth eaten sweaters...and silly oversized T-shirts....with absurd colorful logos...
that seemed so absurd this miserable Shelter.

"Meds,meds" the nurses would scream.And Darlene would watch the women line up...
"the meds,The meds," she knew actually helped the other women put here..
manage their symptoms
but "the meds,the meds," did nothing for Darlene
to silence the or blind her inner mind to the images....

Darlene was not schizophrenic.Nor suffering from any form of psychosis.
The malady Darlene suffered from was entirely synthetic in design.
Darlene's husband worked in a lab that 's sole purpose was to create
a type of induced insanity
that "meds ,meds" did not work on.

I had taken her nearly 6 months
to understand ...
that her condition was deliberate...
Manufactured....and payback.
6 months ago
She had seen her husband 's car .Parked out side the shelter.
and seen the look on his face.
and knew.
it was him who had done this to her.
The satisfaction .On her ex -husband's face.Watching her ,stand in line with the others-who had nowhere else to go....get into the 3 or four white vans that took them
on recreational field trips.
At first Darlene was embarrassed to be seen "at the mall,at the movies,at the park" on Day Trips
at first Darlene was concerned a friend ,an acquaintance might spot her in group
The group the nurses and social workers made sure remained "as group"
but soon realized people tended to "look away" from
any "flock" lead by nurse and social workers dressed in Blues ,in Pinks with ID cards prominently
stuck to the uniforms that made sure "staff" was demarcated from "the special needs" cases
brought for a limited time "out into the "Real World"
on Day Trips.

It was after 3 or 4 of these trips...
when Darlene realized she was judging those with genuine Mental Problems
with a harshness and hardness of heart
that these women least of all needed...
In fact there was an odd quality of  some type of warmth and lightness and warmth
she felt some of these "mental patients" projected...that Darlene had never experience with her old friends
she now realized she chose to be on very different 'Day Trips" with to the country club,to the latest new trendy restaurant..

When Darlene could think.. in the twilight time .Of the neuroleptics  leaving her system and the time she and the other women lined up for "meds,meds"
she thought of the lover she had taken
that her husband had discovered..
and thus saw fit to use the bio sensors he created in the lab
to teach her a lesson
and slowly drive her mad.

The "home" she now lived in...was called "housing"
warehousing the women who heard things and saw things for reason.....that had nothing to do with technology but biology.
but on the dreadful pills....that seemed deliberately created to give one a visage of stupor and the schizo affect she was diagnosed as having..
Taking neuroleptics was one of the conditions the condition based shelter...the "home" she found herself in.....that
seemed to mock what the word "home" used to mean to Darlene.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

the Curtain of Displacement

"can I be Frank,"

jacob graphed /
Jacob thought 


Zara's mind

"you were Frank last week"

Jacob and Zara 
"in the air"
on another plane
or pane
being developed

"by anyone and everyone who matters,"Jacob's father had said
to his dubious wife,Darlene,Jacob's mother
when he gave Jacob an Emotiv headset
for his birthday over a year ago
Darlene thought,she  legitimate concerns that this "set"
would be just one more distraction for Jacob
to run .

but Jack had ,it seemed,quite long ago stopped
caring much 
what Darlene said
much less thought
(although quite soon it would be quite the opposite. indeed)
Jack,Jacob's Father
worked in the field of Immersive Gaming
and Virtual Reality
and reminded his wife
that 30 percent of the programs
were being developed in fact
to help improve focus
and teach
he said it was like  her sneaking and hiding vegetables
in Jacob's smoothies.
Darlene was hiding alot of things
and just the mention of the word
"hide"and "sneak"made her squirm
"I just don't want my son  being one of those who is walking around town
looking as if he's talking to himself"Darlene had said..".communicating with god knows who
god knows where. about god knows what safe is it for someone to
communicate with another Mind to Mind

"That's not quite how it works Darlene," Jack said,"Do you ever even listen to a thing I say about what I do at work?There's a computer involved..
you know .Jacob doesn't just put on a headset and become  telepathic you know..
there's a Curtain of Displacement that is incorporated into nearly all the programs..
to prevent too much "mind swap"
he explained that a Standardized Play Self
was over- layed on top of one's mind
before one could even begin the game
or communication
you think I'd let our son go completely  mind to mind
with someone
with out a Coating ?Jesus you ever think about what you're saying

Darlene thought ,"how can i think what i am saying ,when I have no idea what you're speaking about.."the point was Jack knew Darlene didn't understand his work or the exact way virtual Reality and Direct Neural TV worked ,and punished her for it .Treating her,it seemed like some 
"dumb temp" who was always in fear of losing her job..
which seemed to be about tolerating an increasing arrogant ,distant husband
and son
as Jacob 
had recently begun treating her much like his father had taught him..
If she had not met Grant ,she would have been driven out of her mind long ago..
"A Penny for your thoughts Darlene" Jack said obnoxiously.

"Do you even know who he's talking to who?" Darlene asked
watching her son ,in the kitchen nook
literally fall off his chair 
and literally Rolling on the Floor Laughing
"he looks like an insane person,he looks like someone who's hearing voices..."

"First of all Dar,"Jack said ,talking to her as if she were a child,"He isn't talking to anyone,if you hadn't noticed,his lips aren't moving,he 's graphing" to another person ...Zara, Dale and Lane's son..
you DO know who Zara is .I mean the two of them HAVE been playing together since they were 5.."

'Get off the floor,pick up that chair and get ready fro school," Darlene yelled.

"He can't hear you ,Jesus Dar,why you always ruining someone else's fun"Jack said ,picking up the tipped over chair,tapping on their son's shoulder,removing the headset from his son's skull.

Jacob turned around and gave Darlene "a look"
that said the same thing about her ruining every one's fun
that Jack may as well have "graphed" Darlene thought 
right into her son's mind.


"can i be Frank," Jacob graphed
waiting for Zara to 

He had waited all through school to put the headset back on
he had waited all through  his mother's "raving"
to put the headset back on....

"ground control to major tom," he thought ..
towards Zara.
who had text- ed him he would be Open Minded
in 1-2-3-....
Jacob for a moment wished he could Interface 
with his mother
still angry at her for what his father called her hysteria
" it was unhealthy for him to spend so much time indoors
playing computer games

computer games..
his father had told him his mother's 
concepts of "gaming" began and ended with Pac Man 
(which he had looked up on Wiki...)
...his mother didn't realize that when he put on
the headset 
he could BE OUTDOORS
he could BE ANYWHERE
he could BE 
"can i be Frank?"
he graphed sensing that Zara was 
"you were Frank all last week Jake" Zara graphed,"you be Dunkin..:

Dunkin was "the good guy"
who dressed like a Pilgrim.
and whose job it was to fight Frank in 
a mash up of some mutually setting of the 1600's and 
modern day Cairo or something..

the character called Dunkin
had been developed ,according to his father ,to be a Naturalistic Baseline Emotional Over-ride
of "Good Guy"
which was why Jacob always felt."good"
when the 13.5 Hz Overlay 
came upon him.
when he "became" Dunkin..

his father had told he in confidence that the Dunkin character was based on a 24 year old small appliance salesman  who had been spotted by what he called 
"headhunters" at The Mall of America

the headhunters ,his father explained ...
spotted 'types"
the headhunters also called themselves "talent scouts" and "casting agents"
accept THEY were scouting for brain scans
for emotional over lays

they had chosen the salesman 
his father explained
because he "fit' the "game piece'
he was Dunkin-esque
the 24 year old appliance esalesman 
was affable
and extroverted
his collected neurals as predicted contained
a hopeful,everyman quality
that was generic enough to not encrypt "self"
 upon a player who needed 
a "parasol" or a "shield'
to protect them from the intrusiveness of direct neural interface
the right level of "cushion' was presumed to be at least  85%
to not cause the psychological damage that could otherwise be 
"picked up' from engagement with another's mind
without the protection
Emotional Overlay.

his father had said it could be very dangerous
for both parties to enter
the "arena/theater" of  Co-Mingled Virtual Reality
as without a 'buffer'(Dunkin)
the sheer intrusiveness of "mind to mind" could be terrifying
even if the Other Player
means no harm.

"never ,ever use the headset with making sure one has a
..."His father warned.
"saying that the Emotional Overlay that distanced
Self from
mind to mind interplay
also created a mutual virtual plot structure,time and place
for Action to occur 
on and through you
Jack watched his Darlene.
30 pounds heavier.
her hair certainly no longer "done" or the toniest salon
in town..
Jack wished he could get closer and see Darlene's nails..
knowing his wife ,his ex wife to be
certainly was as manicured as the weedy ,forgotten attempt to make the Women;s shelter
his cheating wife
now resided in...
He had stopped by to get a good look at Darlene
to see if it was worth the price
to pay the Tele-Operator that controlled
the input his "whore of a wife" received from
the Consumer Testing division..."the real deal' consumer
"The Game"of A.I. and Brain Computer Interface possible with wearables.
Watching Darlene ...seeing her...sapped of whatever "life force" and "turn your head" appeal
that Jack supposed Darlene "couldn't waste" on anything as simple as a wedding vow..
When his son asked 'where's mom" what happened
Jack sat down with his (and her) son and explained that his wife,his mother
had a history of Mental problems...
(though she did not,nor did anyone in her immediate family)
that Jack had done his best to keep from Jacob...
but the problems had resurfaced.
"Can I see her," Jacob asked
and Jack told him his mother had insisted she be seen by no one....

Monday, January 27, 2014

the nice woman in reception
asked Jack to read a pamphlet
and fill out a form.
another nice lady brought me a coffee...and asked if i had any questions.

i said no...
a friend of mine had used Proxy Cyber 's services
and recommended
that I come there
"I work in the Mind Augment Business...wearbles...," Jack said showing the receptionist his card..

 after a few minutes
 Jack was brought back to another office
a man in a loosened tie asked Jack
who "the Dots' were for..

 Jack  said 'the Dots' were for his   wife

Jack explained his wife    Darlene was
stepping out-
 he said I needn't say anymore

and handed me a small clear vial .

"just put some in her drink...can you do that, by that I mean are you still in the same house,on speaking terms and all that?'He asked,"if not,if there is any difficulty concerning proximity we can hire someone.."

i told him Darlene was not aware of my knowing what I did about her disloyalty and that proximal drinking
and slipping something
in her drink should and would not be a problem

I began writing out a check while the man prattled on,I just wanted to begin
I was in no mood to listen to technicalities but on he went-

"goes without saying you do not tell anybody that you are apping your wife's mind for an "intervention", mind reading and mind modulation with nano chips is still "sort of" a grey area in the lawbooks..
.it will take 5 to 6 days for the "apps" to cross the blood brain barrier,"the man in the loosened tie said ,studying my check ," and another 2 weeks for an Encoder to interpret your wife's transmitted brainwaves into that point you or someone on our 'team" can begin 'speaking ' to her based on her recorded and realtime thoughts
or if you'd like...
you can go "mind to mind" with her although i wouldn't recommend it,"he said placing the check and my form in his desk,"very confusing...and some say quite disturbing..
"the fun part,"the man said,
" is that your wife
won't know what's going on*...
we even have machinery that can make another's Imparted interface
'sound' like her own thinking style..
.... all we have to know,"He said standing and smiling ,"is if you want to drive your wife back to you or just drive her crazy..'

"the later..."I said ,standing and shaking his hand



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