Wednesday, February 25, 2015

.down to 4th street.USA

you have no idea have difficult it is not keeping a journal concerning my work with Cole Cohen
It is one rule I break.
so many rules have been broken concerning Human Testing...and moreso..some of the more vulgar aspects
of creating the right "Mindset" by trauma based Child Razing techniques
that what difference does it make if I must Now and Again "toot my own Horn"
concerning my work "tooting" Cole's horn.


if the agency or rather the dummy company the agency set up to convince
"some of the best and brightest' in the field of Cyberneitcs and biotech
they are creating science ONLY to one day help the blind see ....and those with Neurological problems to communicate via Brain to Computer Interface

trust me
these "innocents" know damn well what they are helping us create...
my daily jaunts "going Nowhere
 a Man has Been Before"
another's mind
have demonstrated to me and my associates all Too Well How Easy it Is for a man or women to LIE to themselves
about their motivations...

everyone to some extent believes "they are good" for instance
especially when they are told what they are doing is for The Greater Good

Cole however cannot seem to realize his "role" in this as Human Organism
is 'good enough"
an excuse to 'stay on topic'
and the topic is whatever is the song

I am Cole's DJ
I "play " and prey upon his 5 senses and thoughts and memories
all of which
We can SEE both on monitors...when Cole is "on our manual system"
and much more viscerally when Cole's thoughts and Imaginings go directly to and through the headset I wear ....when I need to go get more invasive concerning Cole's progress
or rather decomposition
as only when Cole completely non resistant can we
not only place the gun in his hand
ready aim and fire
but also...keep him. convoluted enough  in Visage-ment ..that he can pull off
any interrogation concerning the "tell me why"
already the date is set that algorithmically correspond best to Cole's finally seceding entirely from his own
United State
to serve some purpose or another even I am not aware of...
perhaps it will be only so a child under the age of 4 can witness something horrific...
so we might Brain map what
violence does to child
sowe might add another Human Organism to the

perhaps Cole's eventual  "Postal Event" is being scheduled to simply overshadow some
hyped up built Billion Dollar Merger ...concerning Shale Mining or some such shit..


In my opinion the  subject should be grateful now primarily
 use biotech that gloms onto their dendrites
as this technique of communicado
requires the use of much less directed energy or electromagnetic field...
that really can take a toll on a Husk's biological system
the Merge BioSensors   "really get in their" and allow the subject's team to transcribe and match their thinking and perceptions note for note..
with much less "runoff" that effect's the Husk's RNA and DNA


I am not "allowed" to keep any sort of journal about my work at Proxy Cyber
but how can I not
recount my successes ...especially with Cole...
the agency encourages us not to we might not be "enticed" in speaking with spouse about our work....
I write of my "work with Cole" because it is going so well..
the work on Cole/s perceptions and Cognition and handling him and his "Pre-Sets"
helps me keep up morale.
I write in a small tablet I hide under my desk.
I feel my having a release....a Father Confessor ,even if it is just this small Mead notebook.
allows for whatever " conscious" or concerns I have doing this "special work"
concerning human Testing to take a back seat to the Implications of  this Testing
I destroy the pages weekly...I burn them ...
From my experience doing Mind Transcribe work...
from doing "mind reading" exercises with Cole...I am far to aware of what happens to A Mind that has no outlet ..

Cole had long ago turned away from our daily ,hourly, second to second Interface that explained to him
the origin .The Source of his "Communion " was NOT supernatural in nature.
And it was me and me alone who helped develop some of the more complex "storylines" Cole would keep at least some measure of affinity to these studies..
Subsequently many of my storylines have been used by other Tele-Presence workers.
specifically for "the more Jew-ie type of Thought Styles" that seem to require aspects of logic
and scene setting ...
to agree one simply does not have to do when one can convince a subject he has simply been possessed by demons...
or some alien that wants to use the subject as it's eyes and ears..."Take Me to Your me the Grand Canyon and what Mentos are.

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