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locked wards to perception (1958)

xxxx won't speak to me.
and has this way about him
that sets the tone for the other roommates
all affiliated with Neuronautics
but not attempting to "be in the organization proper"
I have my morning coffee in my room.
the last thing I need is feel shunned in my house
but at the same time I cannot imagine living alone.
as I've stated before
I am always haunted. Possessed in  a way few can understand
unless they as well were "app-ed" up for a never ending 24/7 "Open Mind"
to "rectifying. Saved changed ,challenged, titillated  ,befriended amused ,horrified...Petrified..
all because some Tele-operator is "Trying New Things'
trying to figure "out how IT works"
it doesn't take genius to recognize that very few organizations
besides Neuronautics
was all but created to find New Ways to interrogate ,supplicate and eventually
correlate another's mind ...toward a ONE WAY collective
that ONLY is geared to the teachings of it's founder Gary Rainy.
months ago in this bog of a blog
I had written about certain information I had come people in the Targeted Individual community
and  certain brave men and women previously associated with certain  agencies that have been developing ways to influence another's mind
via electronic or electromagnetic means of some kind since the early 1950's
sent me documents that more than insinuated that" Gary Rainy" founder of what I refer to as only as  a Science -ideologically based Philosophy
was  induced with Silent Sound (often called the Frey Effect...or simply Voice to Skull technology) so he might become a "pawn" a tool to "open up" certain Mind and Sociological studies based on tactics that "needed to be conducted on 'subjects" outside of research centers focusing on Coercive Methodologies of making another mind "Clear and Reset" enough that New Input could be induced willingly on one who sought "instant" results that could not be acquired by expensive and stigmatic means of psychotherapy...nor the psychiatric medications (barbiturate and/or  Dexedrine) distributed for "quick fix" alleviation of the symptoms of psychiatric "ills" and not the root cause. In the late 1940's means of electrodes being introduce invasively into not just monkeys but human's skulls was being "practiced ' Off Grid...and "out of country"(Canada ,most famously by Dr. Delgado and Dr. Ewan Cameron)...and induced stimulation by electronics showed rather amazing results...However a less invasive method of instigating emotional and cognitive alterations in another by radio frequency was not invasive fact was so minimal in it's unseen influence it could be "practiced " upon another without his or her knowledge . the time when Neuronautics was established and Gary Rainy wrote wrote "Inway to the Enways"
(an almost unreadable but quite technical book....that a man who who never even finished High School...could not have written without outside influence...technological or otherwise)
I began reading literature that dealt with "Neuronautics..." I was "born into the Church /Religion" and had turned against it..when "The Church" turned against me...claiming I had come back to LA ..not "find my way back" but was sent to them as some version of  "Jimmy Olsen' ..

..They told me they now had reason to suspect and inspect not just me but those "who had me" -They knew I was adopted and Fostered by Neuronautic Mentors who were now themselves suspect. I was unaware of certain technologies they had acquired that interrogate my intentions in ways I never believed could be nor would ever be possible...
and every single book
contained "the exact same " quotes references ,point of view ,examples -
every book may as well have been the same book..
several documents were sent to(with the request I do not use their correct names and attempt to write of certain aspects in a manner that resembled fiction by  several an ex 'Change Agents" in the Dept of ***
according to my sources the man I refer to only as  Gary Rainy was hand picked (and not by any "Man on Mars...or celestial Entity"
 to "set up a congregation--"
a Church..a Movement by certain agencies that will remain nameless)
The grooming of Gary Rainy began when Rainy's first wife  claimed Gary almost killed her during a psychotic episode ...
Rainy was subsequently  committed to VA Psych Hospital for evaluation and treatment
the facility  Rainy was committed to
was testing "off grid" experiments with Mind Augment Programming with Frey Effect
pulsed sound (and thus thought that "vocalized " or presumably "vocalized "words provoke)
Radiofrequency pulsed to simulate words could enter another's mind (in a manner that Google Glass attempted to 'sell' to consumers via bone conductive hearing
which is not heard  through one's ears but through auditory cortex.
A psychiatrist ,according to documentation had written that Gary Rainy had a messiah Complex and his Grandiose Affect "was just the type " that could be asset to " to
take certain "findings concerning Persuasive Thought  Indoctrination
outside of the lab or mental clinic
to the masses...
around this time
another social scientist Nobel Weiner (winner of the Nobel prize in 1948 for his treatise as "Man as Machine.Mind as Computational "Devise"" had written what is considered "one of the first " Self Help books that encouraged the reader to 'Think of their own minds systematically "as a computing system that received input that "man has not been taught yet..." to render into output "one's inner monologue ' that becomes the basis of many is not all of one's actions-
that Nobel claimed were rarely based on "scientific processing techniques based of "self computing " techniques"
so one tended to only React to stimuli (much of it unwanted....and "procured" during childhood....when what he referred to as "a living organism" (during childhood , almost uniformly "under someone else's Tutelage /parenting and therefore "Input") has absolutely no control of whatever information is piped into their Organizational System(their mind)
Nobel Weiner's  book"Psycho -Cybernetics"did surprising well  in the mass market
but according to my sources N,Weiner lacked "the charismatic" attributes nor ambition to be "a Guru/Leader" to "pull off"
starting a "A New Way"
a religion
 that had nothing to do with
G-d ...but Science..

and along came Gary Rainy who wanted nothing more than to 'finally be recognized" as the Genius
-The embodiment of  "New Man"....He believed he was

 G.Rainy , a writer of children's books and pulp "sci -fi"/ comic books
 like many artists /writers/pontificators  after WW2
became disillusioned with a belief in what Gary referred to as 'The Old Way" based on "whimsical fables written by starving "Chosen Ones"with heat stroke in the "the fallout" from the sciences reaching what some considered "an end game" of 'how far technology" could nor should go-
Other however that several new technologies developed during the last years of WW2 "Were the Beginning "of ONLY science being the "The Solution" to man's aggression or "need" to assimilate themselves with any "faction" not specifically developed to negate Mass Appeal -

Gary Rainy believed ancient Power Brokers to supplicated "the masses" into false mysticism  and therefore false hopes of an afterlife...or a  waking life  based on "heat stroke hallucinators"
a few night courses where Rainy claims he "instantly understood Quantum Physics"
and some dabbling with the rather "new fringe " of Occultists and alchemists that were smitten by Rainy's Buoyancy  and tales of his Adventures during and before the war welcomed Rainy into their "tight" circle which concerned itself with much of "themes" Gary himself was interested in concerning Mankind Transcending the "input" that Gary claimed all but assumed man to be "diminutive enough to still think of Spiritualism in terms of  a white clouds ,with a beard  some eyes drawn upon it....
-with a little help from opium and peyote and "the purely mathematical"
Craft of chanting and ritualism  ONLY as directed "Neuro Linguistics to  evoke " aligned one's brain signals (which he later called one's Emanations) with  frequencies found in the natural and NOT supernatural
environs of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Gary Rainy , before his commitment began  to write ONLY for "grown ups"
and sought to sever his ties" from "Fly Me to the Moon" serials and the steady paychecks for short stories (of some quality)
 toward  " Occultism "and what collective symbol based directed thinking could achieve ,as this" Intentioned "thought cause one's brain signals to "Attenuate" themselves with true Electromagnetic Energies ...
His once fanciful stories of rocket men and moon landings... according to his  publishers who paid Rainy quite handsomely
"brought him to task " for writing about issues "unfit " for the audience Rainy had once "enjoyed " writing for -Gary's publisher claimed  "unwholesome" and "unchristian" notions and themes seeping into his storytelling...
In response Gary claimed "he would be damned " if he would forever "lower himself" to write frivolous fodder
that only further assuaged his readers to what he called "a story book romance with infantile myths bestowed by Pharoses and Movie Moguls to give man NOTHING genuine to commune with"
Gary Rainy ,subsequently  let go of his sole  his source of income and admittedly
went through a period of  enormous stress that he admittedly had  began to "let loose"upon his wife..

Gary  began using Benzedrine to "write of his New Discoveries  and recipe for man to "Attenuate"
his thought process with True Collective Consciousness....and wrote hundreds of letters to the new agency ,the *** as well as old agencies concerned with "Federation" well as all matter of academia researchers Gary felt would surely listen to his claims that he had found a way -----to "The Other side"
Gary expected his letters and "the world changing" ideas he had taken the time to present to be welcomed with not only praise but  with expected new alliance...
Receiving only rote correspondence that his letters had been received...
Gary ,nearly penniless began to disintegrate ...his first wife who now had a child to raise "on nothing" confronted her husband about their perilous financial situation and was subsequently "according to Rainy "accidently " hit over the head with a beer bottle"
Gary subsequently was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward...
and according to sources became one of the very first men to "cured" by Silent Sound *


  I am not quite sure if Mr. Rainy "suffers" from Delusions of Grandeur so much as "buffers" himself  with it," "Dr.*** 1958,"he is strangely charismatic ...and may be quite useful  if "purposed "correctly*"

The Dr. encouraged me  to write about my " visitations' and unlike my  publisher, unlike my  wife and unlike the my so called "friends" who had first been with me  in my  "Journey toward Living Emanations "seemed utterly  convinced I was not only onto something but that SOMETHING had latched onto me..

The white room.Which at first seemed stifling
Now seemed the perfect blank slate..The Locked Doors
in this Locked ward.At First seemed stifling.
The hospital seemed worse than any prison ...but one day
I was visited by The Great Entity that would  change my life..and subsequently the lives of others.
The locked ward.The locked doors ..only made the Open Door to a New Perception-G.Rainy
(4) "Inway to the Enway"
 it is not so unusual                  
 though it is
 if one thinks about it.
 that since perhaps the beginning
 man has wanted to not only own ....the seas,the lands,the plants.the animals
 and the men and women
 who dwelt upon the land
 after all we are animals
 that simply do not taste good

 if we tasted better .
 there would be quite less of us
 around ,
 however if one can own another man
 and make another his Sheppard.his forager, his domain
 the man owned by another
 will be induced to
 to feed his owner
 to dance for his owner
 and even bow down to his owner

 he will learn to smile albeit -too widely
 but this false-ity of broad smile and the "yes sir..yes master" that goes with
 in fact pleases
 his owner
 more than the "real " smile of his wife,
 his sons
 and daughters offer him
 of course he
 distrusts these liars more than
 his servants---
 who this type /
 I am
 ..and  I am proud to be
 for this acceptance of my TRUE BEING
 has forced me to forego
 all the lies
 I have told myself
 about my TRUE NATURE
 and more so the nature of others
 who can gain from
 and the ENTITY
 that saw fit to
 share with me

 the MAN can only
 if MAN accepts his FORMAT
 these niceties----these civilities we coat ourselves with
 are for the weak willed
 and weak minded
 Those placed here to be eaten alive
 by one's Bettors
 .men and women who place a cage upon not only their outer Visage
 but also
 their very own mind
 deserve what destiny awaits them

 ONLY my own acceptance of my own beastliness...
 caught the attention of the GRAND ENTITIES
 that only come to
 men of grandiosity

 this man who rules us..
 this JFK
 is a man made of falsity
 a presence
 of nice.
 of "good"
 that HE KNOWS
 the populace of this once great and mighty nation
 has been taught to find
 in themselves
 through television
 through movies
 and pop songs
 is it any wonder
 nations truer to their innate natures
 will take us over

 anyone not chained
 not  bound to another
 "make the repairs "to their BEINGSHIP
 is only because one such as this
 has childlike perceptions and perspective of a puff of wind with a beard
 certain aspects of cleric
 has rammed down our collective throats
 most men
 NEED to be lead
 as all Leaders NEED to LEAD
 _Gary Rainy 1961

 The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks (or, with speech modulation, spoken words) induced by pulsed/modulated microwave frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device. The effect was first reported by persons working in the vicinity of radar transponders during World War II These induced sounds are not audible to other people nearby. The microwave auditory effect was later discovered to be inducible with shorter-wavelength portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. During the Cold War era, the American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey studied this phenomenon and was the first to publish[ information on the nature of the microwave auditory effect.
 The first American to publish on the microwave hearing effect was Allan H. Frey, in 1961

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